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Kaplan Higher Education Academy:International Pathwayto a Lucrative Career

By Leon Choong, President, Kaplan Higher Education Academy | Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017, 22:51 IST

As a pioneer in preparing students for exams, Stanley Henry Kaplan was an important figure in the history of American education. Started as a tiny tutoring operation in his basement in New York City in the late 1930s, Stanley Kaplan transformed the Stanley H. Kaplan Educational Center into Kaplan Inc, one of the world’s most diverse education providers and the largest subsidiary of Graham Holdings, formerly The Washington Post Company. Today, Kaplan operates in over 30 countries and maintains relationships with more than 1,000 education partners, 2,600 business clients and has over one million students and more than 15,000 employees worldwide.

Prospective students of KHEA can look forward to achieve their recognised Bachelor's Degree within 2.5 years given the short breaks between terms

Kaplan’s three entities in Singapore, namely Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA), Kaplan Higher Education Institute (KHEI) and Kaplan Learning Institute (comprising Kaplan Financial and Kaplan Professional) serve more than30,000 learners from across 30 countries worldwide and it isthe only education provider in Singapore to be awarded the4-year EduTrust certification for all three of them. This certificationis awarded by the regulatory body of the private education sector in Singapore known as the Committee for Private Education (CPE), part of Skills Future Singapore (SSG).

“We are focused and committed to helping individuals achieve their educational and career goals. At KHEA, we offer a wide range of more than 200   programme  choices across even varied disciplines. They range from Diplomas to Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees,” says Leon Choong, President of Kaplan Singapore. Prospective students can look forward to achieving their recognized Bachelor’s Degree within 2.5 years given the short breaks between terms. The shorter completion duration will allow students to embark on their careers earlier and save on their living expenses, as a foreign student in Singapore.

The institute provides one-stop dedicated services for the international students. They ensure students are well-settled in order for them to focus on their studies. Kaplan Campus Life supports students at Kaplan. Together with students across diverse nationalities, they can participate in co-curricular activities including new student orientations, networking and interactive engagement, leadership development, cultural and performing arts, community  volunteerism, sports and other interest groups.

Kaplan offers career-related services such as networking with potential employers, resume and interview skills, career workshops and others, allto enhance the employability of their students when they graduate. “We have dual goals at the heart of our pedagogy and reflective of our mission to help students achieve their educational andcareer goals. In essence, we need to ensure graduates of Kaplan can succeedin both further undergraduate studieswith our esteemed transnational Universitypartners from the UK, Irelandand Australia, but also in the industry should they choose to use our qualifications as an exit point and take up arole within the industry,” opines Leon.

Known as the Kaplan Way for Learning, the proprietary Kaplan-wide student- centred pedagogy teaches the student to take owner ship of their learning and act on that beautiful intrinsic quality of curiosity in all of us. At Kaplan, students will prepare, practice and finally perform for mastery of the learning outcomes. “What we have done is to modify our instructional design approach based on what is known about learning from cognitive science, which puts much more focus on student practice,”explains Leon.  Kaplan Singapore has a dedicated department named “Student Affairs and Graduate Services Office (SAGSO)” that aims to spice up students’ learning experience with the institute. Under SAGSO, they have various students clubs and communities that  Indian students could join and connect with the rest of the students. Some of the examples of student clubs are Photography, Basket ball, Music and Arts Society, Tennis, Badminton and many more.

Ultimately, Indian students can look forward to a quality education at Kaplan in Singapore with the opportunity to interact and network with students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Given Singapore’s strategic location in Asia and its diversity, students can live in a vibrant city and learn in a convenient and comfortable campus environment at Kaplan, located in the heart of the city. “Education is an invaluable investment andwe encourage students to always strive and work hard for their education to attain good academic performance in return for a rewarding career opportunity. We have been actively looking for partnerships to collaborate with Indian institutions in the areas of articulation. It is our plan to have Indian students a pathway to articulate to our Programmes at Kaplan in Singapore,” concludes Leon. 


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