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The Radical Changes Taking Place in Education Sector

The transformation of the education sector presents many opportunities. The education sector is in the process of transformation, rapidly becoming the new frontier of investment for venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) firms. Educational programs are changing so they are cheaper, more efficient, and more tailored to the exact needs of the student - from primary school to university. Even as primary and secondary schools are adopting digital curricula, a survey by consultants McKinsey found 60 percent of teachers in the US lack the digital resources they need. For science and languages teachers in earlier grades, the figure is over 70 percent. In Australia, some 40 percent of STEM teachers do not hold a degree in science or mathematics. In tertiary education, institutions are...

10 Most Promising Universities and Colleges in Ireland for Indian Students ­ 2019

Key Strategies for Ensuring Teaching Excellence in Higher Education

Garry Hornby, Professor of Education, University of Plymouth

What's the Point of Studying Abroad?

Akhil Shahani, Managing Director, The Shahani Group

Increasing Global Exposure for Students through Overseas Education

Mr. Amit Dasgupta, Inaugural India Country Director, UNSW

Technology Supporting Learning

Peter Derby-Crook, CEO, Tanglin Trust School

Education System: International versus Indian Universities

Seema Singh, Professor,, BMS Institute of Technology and Management

Ireland: The Next-Gen's Innovation and Entrepreneurial Hub

Barry O Driscoll, Senior Education Advisor, Enterprise Ireland

Engineering Education in the Field of Environment Protection

Dr. Srikanth Rao, Director, Manipal Institute of Technology