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May - 2017 Special issue

Sarath Shyam

Omnex: Our Answer to Bringing in Globally Competitive Operational Excellence

Omnex is an international consulting, training and software development organization specializing in management system solutions that elevate the performance of client organizations. With five...

Company Of the Month

Sarath Shyam Qualimations: Catalyzing the Pursuit of Improvement
By Sarath Shyam
Today, competitive pressure is forcing the organizations to look for the ways and means for improving their processes so that the quality of the products and services improve, waste reduces, and...  more >>

Six Sigma Training Institutes 2017

HER Team 10 Best Six Sigma Institutes 2017
By HER Team
Various reports on the Indian higher education sector have highlighted that the majority of our graduates are not suitable for employment.  more >>

HER Team AADS Education: A Solution to India's Growing Skill Gap
By HER Team
True entrepreneurs recognize a need; they imagine and create a solution to solve a problem. Mohammed Abdul Ghani and his AADS Education is an epitome of this.  more >>

HER Team Beyond Z : Building Capabilities beyond Expectations
By HER Team
The union of Lean and Six Sigma is getting more popular these days and what it brings on board is a powerful kit of tools the trained candidates can use in their day-to-day business.  more >>

HER Team Blue Ocean Academy: The Middle East Expertise in Quality Improvement
By HER Team
Blue Ocean is the Middle East's premier knowledge-empowerment enterprise. Armed with its innovative consulting and training solutions, custom -designed to provide a makeover to major companies as...  more >>

HER Team iACT Global Education: On a Mission to Create Quality Workforce
By HER Team
As more companies in the world embrace Six Sigma, the need to hire and train employees in the methodology grows. Today, Six Sigma certification is one of the highly sought after credentials among...  more >>

HER Team IIBM Institute of Business Management: The Gateway of a Lucrative Career
By HER Team
With 60+ globally recognized online certification courses and 42+ on-demand specializations to address specific and niche skill enhancement needs, IIBM Institute of Business Management has created...  more >>

HER Team SSA Business Solutions: Partner in Quality
By HER Team
The students and faculty members of Navi Mumbai-based MGM's Institute of Management have unique experience in the training and implementation of Six Sigma methodologies in the higher education arena.  more >>

CXO Insight

Dr. Madhu Sharma Effective Industry- Institute Interface for a better Employability
By Dr. Madhu Sharma
In the present dynamic scenario, businesses are facing challenge of rapidly changing technology, knowledge base, competition and, variations and changes in demand pattern.  more >>

Scholastic Viewpoint

Dr. Sima Singh Employability Challenges and Issues in Higher Education
By Dr. Sima Singh
India has a glorious past in terms of Higher Education System, and had world famous universities like Nalanda University and Takshshila University.  more >>

Last Word

Silky Jain Perks of Choosing Engineering
By Silky Jain
Of all the occupation to choose, in the vibrant country, the path of engineering witnesses the most enthusiasm. India is a nation known for its progress in scientific temperament and there will...  more >>


Sarath Shyam Be an Effective Leader with Six Sigma Certification
By Sarath Shyam
Six Sigma is all about cost reduction and increased profits. Since Motorola gave birth to Six Sigma in the late 1980s, the firms that are striving for quality improvement in their processes have...  more >>


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