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Jasmine Gandhi, Director, Billabong High International School, Noida

Author : HER Team

HER Team

Jasmine Gandhi , Director Billabong High International School, Noida

An accomplished academician with a rare conception, the presence of an educator like Jasmine Gandhi, makes the mankind trust in the term 'empathy'. With her vision that every child has the potential to bring something unique to the world and there should be a school for every kind of child, today Gandhi feel blessed for being able to educate children from different walks of life through variety of initiatives. Her dream of serving the society started when she collaborated with Ms. Lina Ashar to establish Kangaroo Kids (Noida Center). In the role of the Director at Billabong High International, Noida (BHIS), Gandhi fantasizes a sphere where people learn to respect, accept, and embrace the differences between each other.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling with Education

Under the direction and successful leadership of Jasmine Gandhi, the Billabong High International School (BHIS) has grown into a first choice for students and parents in the Noida region. A CBSE & Cambridge International Examinations affiliated school, BHIS, Noida is part of the Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd (KKEL), chain of franchise schools which are operational in 40 cities across 5 countries including India. The school focuses on preparing children for the unknown future. The pedagogical practiced in the school helps groom learners with skills of 21st century viz. Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical thinking. The school practices to nurture Lifelong & Mindful learners (Students taking responsibility for their own learning) and motivates to become Engaged learners (Experiential learning make the process of learning enjoyable).

"BHIS Noida also prides itself on being a sensitive school. It has a distinct centre for children with special need named Sanchetna (the special wing) which was started in 2009," claims Gandhi. Established within the same campus of BHIS, the centre helps students with special needs including learning disorders or multiple disabilities, access the modified regular curriculum in a separate setting through IEP (Individualized educational plan) with the aim to integrate students into the mainstream as far as possible. It emphasizes on individualized therapeutic services- Occupational therapy, Speech & language Therapy, Psychological Intervention and Special Education."Promoting inclusive education actually to some extent fulfills my role as a capable educator," states Gandhi.

"When the voice of each student is heard, environment evolves where students feel free to express themselves." -Jasmine Gandhi

BHIS, Noida campus is located at the heart of the city in Sector 34 where facilities for both curricular and co-curricular activities are incorporated keeping in mind the aim of 360-degree development of the students. The campus hosts students from primary to senior secondary wing offering the best infrastructure including modern laboratories, library, cafeteria, swimming pool, skating ring, auditorium, centrally air-conditioned classrooms and so on. The students at pre-primary wing of BHIS Noida are introduced to IPad as part embracing the importance of information technology. "BHIS, Noida is the pioneer in introducing the Golf Simulator and the golf putting green in school. The school also has an excellent co-curricular setup in dance, music, arts for its students," proudly says Gandhi. The students are encouraged to equally participate in academics and co-curricular activities simultaneously as they are expected to become all-rounder.


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