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Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology: Building Creative Competencies

Author : HER Team

HER Team

Dr. Geetha Narayanan , Founder-Director Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology

The name of Dr. Geetha Narayanan is not unknown in the education sector. Started her career as a school teacher in 1971, the visionary educationist Dr. Geetha Narayanan went on to form the 'Ujwal Trust' along with five other women in 1982. Initially, the trust established the prestigious Mallya Aditi International School. Later, with the mission of embarking into the professional and vocational education sphere, the trust initiated Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology in 1996. Holding the position of the founder-director of both these institutions, Dr. Geetha Narayanan is gifting creative professionals to the industry through unique methodologies and approaches to the teaching at Srishti.

A non-residential institute, Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology is affiliated to Bangalore Central University and offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate level education to the students. The institute currently hosts 35-degree programs under the aegis of seven schools viz. School of Media, Arts and Sciences, School of Design, Business and Technology, School of New Humanities and Design, School of Law, Environment and Planning, School of Continuing, Open and Professional Education, School of Foundation and Preparatory Studies and School of Advanced Studies and Research. Dr. Geetha Narayanan opines, "Our students are rendered the freedom to choose from a wide variety of courses according to their interest and they are also given the scope of selecting the time-table as per their convenience."

The team of vibrant and experienced faculty members of Srishti drives to adopt all the latest pedagogies and guide students in realizing their potentialities

Being a complete student-centric institute, every member of Srishti strives to create an environment that is informal and friendly in a way where students get the room to express their ideas freely with their peers as well as faculty members. At Srishti, each student is allotted with a tutor embracing the one-on-one mentoring model. The tutor takes care of the academic and professional aspects of their assigned students during the tenure at Srishti. The minutes of each tutor meeting, which are quite formal and regular, is recorded in an online Tutee Information System for future requirements. If necessary, the tutor can also refer students to specific wellness or learning support staff based on their progress stage.

The team of vibrant and experienced faculty members of Srishti drives to adopt all the latest pedagogies and guide students in realizing their potentialities. Apart from academics, the institute also motivates students to participate in sports, music, theatre and so on. "We always strive to see our students attain holistic development at Srishti, as the reason behind the success of any institute lies behind the victory of its students," pinpoints Dr. Geetha Narayanan.


August 2018

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