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5 Signs to show that you are a Photo Geek

Friday, 23 Mar 2018, 18:12 IST

Is your social networking sites flooded with the photos you have taken on a day-to-day basis? Are you keen of getting more likes and favourable comments on your photography? Have you been wooed by any photographs and try imitating those. If you have started accruing these qualities then start reading on the 5 signs which will give you a magnified image of whether you have transformed into a photo geek.


1. Will have an urge to meet reputed photographers

With the advent of social networking sites, it is easy for us to get contact of any notable personalities in the industry.  Many aspiring photographers ensure that they keep close interactions with the professionals via social networking sites. Others try to keep a track on the Photography workshops and attend them without fail. It will give you an opportunity to speak with the professional photographers on their experience. If you have started doing this, then you have crossed the first step of being a photo geek.


2.  Starting to spend more time learning Photography

With more online photography classes, it is easy for you to get an idea of the basics on the types of shots, Camera angles, composition and many more about photography. But, if you are interested in learning more then you can join any of the free online photography courses or join paid photography classes. Some of the best online digital photography we list for the beginners is: creativelive.com/photography, photographycourse.net, shawacademy.com/photography/, indianinstituteofphotography.com and many more. You can also buy magazines related to photography which will give you an idea of the advanced techniques used by the photographers before getting the right click.


3. Seeing the World through different lenses

Photography can actually works as a stabiliser in keeping your blood pressure stable and decrease your stress and anxiety.  If you are keen in travelling then photography is the right profession. As, this profession gives you an opportunity to travel to different places to document the area's landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. When you spend more money on photography than yourself then it means you have turned yourself into a photo geek. Most importantly, a study states that the photographers get cent percent satisfaction in life compared to any other professionals.


4. Temptation in knowing more about Cameras

DSLRs are used by the beginners, enthusiasts and professionals. But, if you want it as your profession then you have to study on different cameras and lens. Mostly, you need to start researching about the new ones which are going to arrive in the marker beforehand. You must have the knowledge on how to update software in your DSLR as many DSLR cameras has inbuilt software which can be updated. It is good to interact with your fellow friends who have the similar interest in photography on what type of cameras they prefer and why.


5. Experiencing Strong bond with the Camera

Most of the photographers keep the camera with them always. The reason behind keeping a camera lies on the uncertainty of when you will end up getting the perfect shot. Anything interesting can happen on your way and if you can capture that moment, it will stay immortal with you forever. But getting the right click also needs patience which one has to cultivate. And if you show all these traits then you have completely turned into a photo geek.



August 2018
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