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5 Things to remember while relocating to a new city for a higher study

Wednesday, 04 Apr 2018, 16:37 IST

There is a definite time for everything and it is said that if you don’t chase after your passion in time, you might lag behind and never be able to catch the train of your dreams. Whether you are staying in a city or in a small town, an institution which suits your aspirations and aptitudes can be located anywhere on the earth. If you have a particular passion, it is more than likely that there is somewhere better than your current place of residence to pursue the same. So if you are planning to move to a new city, these are the few points which you should consider-


Your passion demands deliberate actions and attention to turn into reality before it perishes. The biggest purpose of your life should keep you pushing towards your ultimate destination. Step out from your zone and fill your heart with immense courage and positivity. Starting everything from scratch will not be easy, right from making friends to finding a place for you in the crowd but then this is the perfect time to acknowledge your self-worth.



Adopt Risk Taking Attitude: 

One decision would deliberately change everything for once, either it would fetch massive opportunities or simply leave your life in a messed state. Anyhow, taking risk has often been witnessed as a boon in the history of the world. So there is nothing bad in opting for the one and jump into the sea of unpredictability.






A little bit of adjustment and perseverance can carve a whole new path of possibilities. When you have a purpose bigger than your own existence, no challenge or obstacle can ever stop you. The sufferings will be temporary and gain will be a lifetime attainment. The initial stage will introduce you to a city which is not familiar to your existence, a city which doesn’t hold any of your memories and is cluttered with unknown faces resulting into causing great waves of homesickness. But then the idea is to create memories and celebrate life with all kind of experiences.


Gather Self-Confidence:

There will be people who will not contemplate twice before letting you down and snatching your self-confidence but later when you will look back to these experiences, you will feel fortunate to have confronted those awful situations which made you stronger than before today. Embracing that essence of confidence will help you on this journey.




Make New Friends:

Coming to the college part which is as well going to be a place with full of weirdness and uncertainties in the early days. The first few months of college might give you a bitter taste but the range of memories and friends you will nurture during the tenure of your course is for sure going to stay forever with you to cherish. However, you can’t expect anyone to open their arm for friendship and instantly greet you, it is you who have to take the first step and make every possible attempt to build better relations.

Therefore, summon up the boldness in you, pack your bags and bid the final bye to the loved ones to embrace your ambitions.


August 2018
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