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How to Choose the Right Engineering College?

Wednesday, 25 Oct 2017, 22:50 IST

The glorious IT profession is a dream for most of the students now and the shortcut to reach the destination is engineering degree.  Preparing for the entrance exams from the school days to join the engineering is a common process now. No matter with the score you achieved, choosing the right branch and college is always a dilemma for any student of science. Finding the best college other than IITs is like mining gold from sand. The statistics says that in India we have more than five thousand engineering colleges. Making the right choice from this ocean is always been a tough task.

A student needs to be so careful and investigative before joining in an engineering college because it is the first step towards a long journey and that should not be wrong. Planning to join engineering is easy but at the same time, one has to understand their strength and interest to decide the branch, which they can perform well so that they will not have to regret later. Many factors should be considered while choosing your college namely the infrastructure, quality of faculties, curriculum and placements.

Reputation and Branding

The colleges like IITs have already built their reputation by their quality of education as is reflected by the achievements of their alumni and the research output of faculty and graduate students. Now, IIT is a big brand in the education sphere and obviously the first choice for any student. Some colleges will gain reputation and branding by investing heavily in advertising but may not guarantee the quality education. Smaller colleges cannot afford the budget of this heavy advertisement strategy to build the brand factor in the education market and fail to attract the companies for placement even if they provide quality education.  


The experience and knowledge of the teacher is very crucial in engineering. At times, faculties with lack of experience also prove to be best teachers. To know a college with best facilities is a tough task but an investigation is always worth in this regard. Nowadays, every college and universities have their own websites with all the information regarding faculties including their qualification, researches, publications, area of interests and so on. If you are more curious about the teachers then the best way is to call the students passed out from the particular college and ask them frankly about the teaching staff. The advantage while you call the students is that you will be able to get some honest comments about the campus and the life over there which will help a lot in making the decision.


The four years of engineering course comes in a very critical time of person’s life span. When you enter into an engineering campus you are a teenager but you come out as a grown up person. The campus will witness the transformations in your life. You have to ensure that the chosen college offers you the best campus life. The college website along with the images further helps in understanding the college. Sometimes, when you are not able to find the details through the website, you can also opt to visit the college in order to view and analyze the facilities like labs, equipment, library, hostel, seminar rooms, internet, transport, and playground and so on.              

Curriculum and Placements

Engineering students require practical knowledge about the technology with a foundation of basic science. The world is changing and you have to be updated with the changes in the technology. The amount of knowledge that you gain is based on the university curriculum. There is no point in learning the outdated skills and knocking the doors of companies for a job. Today, the resume is just not the only measure in getting a job. In order to fulfill the other job requirements, there is a need for you to be updated with the current trends which in turn depends on the university and the syllabus been followed? The placement details of the particular college also ensure the quality of the institution.

Spending some time before you make a decision is always good. Try to know about the accreditation of the college, alumni activities, student’s participation in administration, scope of extracurricular activities and so on. The money and time which you are investing in engineering should not be in vain because of the blindness in choosing the college. Engineering is the foundation for the life; build it strongly so that you don’t have to worry about growing to the heights.       


June 2018
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