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How to Manage your Daily routine with the Correct goals in Life?

Saturday, 11 Aug 2018, 00:12 IST

The minute’s hand of the clock seems to move slowly, as you sit and think what to do for the rest of the day. If you find no work, plug on your earphone and listen to the song ‘Time’ by Pink Floyd. “Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day” as they sing, which is precise for the hour. Indeed time is getting out of hand and later it will take years to compensate. Utilize this ‘boring’ phase wisely, so that you have a smooth and uninterrupted journey ahead.

Setting life goals are important which can be divided into two branches, personal and professional. Starting with these two, later on you will realize how many sub-branches you have. The more number of goals you have, the harder you have to work.

If you go through the daily routine of famous personalities, you will find how much time they spent on their personal developments. You should prepare an routine checklist at the beginning of the month. As the month comes to an end, you will notice how smoothly the days have passed by.

How to make a Daily Routine for yourself?

Do you watch and play sports or hangout with your close ones more often? Then it is time for you to give up the habits. It is time for you to sit and think the most important stuffs you have to do right now. There is no urgency in preparing the list. Sit and think deep, what are the things that you need to do right now. Once you figure out the plan of important things, prepare a written list of ‘my daily routines’, you will notice most of the time, there is a seriousness growing among yourself. Your daily routine as a student should stay inclined towards your growth for the future. Living on a schedule is important now as playing and hanging out with your closed ones in the future depends on the present.

Action and Reaction

Have you ever heard of Einstein’s third law of motion, which states “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This law is applicable in the continuous motion of life to make it uniform. The actions of hard-work and vigorous attempts that you put in today, earns you an equal pleasant life afterwards. You create your own legacy and one day you definitely will feel proud of this.

Aiming High

Let’s take the example of a banyan tree. The tree did not grow that big on the very first day of its existence. On average a banyan tree lives for two hundred years. It needed care and nurture for its growth. In these 200 years, it creates an unparallel legacy. Likewise, to achieve success, first you need to set your aim. With dedication and determination, slowly you will move towards your goal, no matter how big or small it is.

There are certain benefits in goal setting:

  • You have a daily self-motivational factor that keeps the drive of hard-work.
  • As time goes, automatically you will find that you have control over your future.
  • Goal setting directs you towards success.
  • You will have an unmatched decision making capability.
  • You will know what is important in life.
  • It is a habit of successful people.

Orchestra of Goals

Goal setting is important in life to remain ambitious. Sometime you might not achieve what you aim for, but that should not dictate your life. What will matter in the end is that, you tried your level best. Ultimately you will reach a point in life, where you will feel relaxed and satisfied because of the efforts you had put in.

A brisk and effortless safari of existence and command over fate is achieved, only when an individual displays consistent performance over a long period of time. The days are passing by and in reality no one gets a second chance to remunerate any loss. It is your duty of employing yourself in productive activity which benefits long term in life. Routine and sacrifices are required to reach the desired destination, where you only enjoy afterwards.


August 2018
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