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Leadership Challenges Faced by Today’s Incompetent Leaders

Tuesday, 31 Jul 2018, 00:36 IST

In institutes and universities today, along with imparting regular education, they are also striving to instill leadership skills in the students. Having leadership skills have become such imperative in the contemporary times that in fact the recruiters before recruiting a candidate, double checks if they have the ability to coordinate, motivate and shape a team. It's not only about earning titles like "CEO", "VP", "GM"; a true leader is someone who can inspire their employees/ team through their productive actions. In this article, we will discuss regarding some of the consequences which an individual might have to confront if they lack basic leadership skills.

Poor Relationships: The most vital and essential qualities that a successful leader should hold is the ability to communicate with the subordinates and the counterparts, properly and clearly. If they lack this quality, unequivocally, they will fail to build a cordial relationship with the concerned people, resulted in creating obstacles in the operation of an organization. Having a good relationship with your colleagues not only provides you with job satisfaction but also adds up immensely in the productivity of your work.

Low Motivation: To lead a team, it becomes necessitate for the leader to himself be motivated so that he can spread his high spirit among the other team members. A leader, who remains himself demotivated, fails to handle their team in crisis times when the other members look up to him/her. Possessing this quality will keep the team boosted and sustain a positive vibe in the work environment, owing to which everyone will get encouraged to work smartly and efficiently, rather than sitting back and thinking low about themselves.

Lack of Vision: Most of the managers with poor leadership skills cause a huge gap in the strategy making and execution process. They tend to start their journey without any vision in mind, which compels the employees to work without any aim. They don't know what the goals are of the company and for what exactly they are working. They will accomplish only mechanically, not with any intelligent direction towards a common goal. Acting as a poor factor for growth and development of an organization, the frustration that is created because of poor leadership among the employees is also not negligible.

Adaptability Issues: As a leader, one needs to be flexible and adaptable enough, been able to steer change and respond to change with equal enthusiast. In an age of rapid change, how well a leader embraces shifts in the professional landscape and uses them to enhance the organization's trajectory can be an important measure of effectiveness. Resistance to change may undermine critical projects or system-wide implementation. Employee enthusiasm, cooperation, morale, and creativity are jeopardized, making it all the more difficult to run the business or organization.


August 2018
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