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Mental well-being is more important than Grades

Thursday, 24 May 2018, 20:40 IST

Every hour a suicide case takes place in India with a maximum number containing that of students. The pressure of staying ahead of their peers is instilled in the minds of the students from the very beginning of their education life by the parents. The hunger of grades ultimately eats up the students, where some of them get into depression and the others choose the path of suicide, escaping the threat of being called looser in the society. But here the question is, does grade makes this much difference in your life? Of course not, one should follow his/her heart and do what they really have interest in. If you are going through the same phase, read out these points before getting tensed.

Get Motivated: It's okay to not be able to make out an exam in one attempt. Life is full of opportunities and you got to understand that. Plan your routine and do things one at a time as trying to memories things will just make you confused in the exam hall. Try to understand whatever you read and that will definitely help you in the race of ‘life'.

Focus on your Interest: Every individual has their own aspiration and goals, just that they need to recognize the one and work upon it. Education is important but a good grade can't define a good education until and unless you are taking that wisdom from your heart. It is possible to prioritize your motto of life along with attending school or college.

Share your thoughts: To be a reserved person is fine, but the problem arises when you don't choose even a single person to share your feelings and thoughts. Whether it is your parents, teacher or friend, express yourself as it will give you larger perspectives on things. It will not only lighten your heart but also help in leading the life in a better manner.  Finishing your life is not the solution; embrace the life you have been gifted by God.

Consult a Psychologist: If it's at all not possible to handle the stress level, don't shy out to visit a psychologist. Gone are days when society uses to bully if they spot you outside the psychologists' clinic, today more and more people are coming forward and taking feedback from the psychologist regarding improving their mental health.

Educational institutions are chipping in, too. Nearly 115 colleges in Pune are opening wellness cells for distressed students. One of the country's most prestigious engineering colleges, the Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur, has taken an unusual step: deliberately switching off power for an hour a day to encourage students to unplug and interact with each other. Here remember a mantra - Do your best, but know that you are apt to learn through mistakes. Instead of cribbing upon failure, take necessary steps to fight back.


August 2018
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