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Most Paid Jobs for Engineers in India

Thursday, 09 Nov 2017, 17:20 IST

With more than 14 lakhs, the number of engineering seats in India is more than the total population of Mauritius. From the number of fresh engineering talents coming out every year; it is clear that engineers are ruling the 21st century job market. However, not every engineering discipline will provide a kick-start job with a high paying salary. Here are few jobs that have given the workers glittering payment over the years.




       Aerospace Engineer (Expected Salary in the start of the career: Rs.6 - Rs.10 Lakhs per         annum)

Learning about Airplanes is only a part of this engineering discipline. Aerospace engineers design, develop and test spaceships, aircraft and missiles, exploiting knowledge that spans aerodynamics, avionics, and propulsion and material science. This career field will be a different experience for the ones passionate about the subject. Aerospace engineers can work in big organizations like NASA, ISRO and many more. Statistics shows that, more than 38 percent of scientists working at NASA are Indians.  If you are fascinated about the mysteries of sky, do not miss the chance to become next Abdul Kalam or Kalpana Chawla.

Software Developer (Expected Salary in the start of the career: Rs. 1.5 – Rs. 6 Lakhs per annum)

If you toss a coin up in the air while standing in the middle of a crowd at M.G. Road, Bangalore, it is more likely to fall on the head of an IT professional. The recruiters hire students from all across the country regardless of their engineering disciplines. This has created more opportunities for the fresher graduates. However, this industry has always favored smart programmers. The more you are enthusiastic about programming; more money will be credited to your salary account.

Petroleum Engineer (Expected Salary in the start of the career: Rs.3 – Rs.5 Lakhs Rupees per annum)

Why is petrol known as Liquid Gold? It can be for two reasons, one is the availability of the source to mine is very limited in earth and the other is the varying price on the daily basis. In that sense, Petroleum engineers are the Goldsmiths of this industry. Petroleum industries may not provide a comfortable work environment like IT industry as these professionals are required to work in remote and exotic locations around the globe. It will be a dream comes true for the hidden traveler in the engineer. Nevertheless, petroleum engineering is an attractive career option as it is a highly paid job. Besides getting jobs in Indian petroleum companies, candidates with qualification in petroleum engineering get jobs in British Gas, Halliburton Services, Cairn Energy, Baker Hughes and in many more multinational oil companies.

Mechanical Engineer (Expected Salary in the start of the career: Rs.1 – Rs.3.2 Lakhs per annum)

Apart from automobile industry, mechanical engineers are required to design, test, manufacture, install, operate and maintain a wide array of machines and mechanical systems that are used in the countless industries. A highly skilled mechanical engineer can demand pay packets as high as Rs. 30 – 45 lakhs per annum.  

Civil Engineer (Expected Salary in the start of the career: Rs.1 – Rs.3.2 Lakhs per annum)

Civil Engineering is a carbon copy of Mechanical Engineering when it comes to payment. It is hard to get a highly paid job in the initial stages of the career and it will become unstoppable once you earn enough experience. 



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