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The Need of Grassroots-Level Transformation in Online Education

By Vamsi Krishna, CEO and Co-founder, Vedantu | Tuesday, 01 Aug 2017, 10:19 IST

Vedantu Online education is a broad term, which includes recorded content, testing, assessment, live tutoring, exercising online tools and so on. The replacement of conventional means of education to online mode is inevitable. The teachers and students will have one question in their mind 'When and how.'

Efficiency' and 'efficacy' are the two key terms an edupreneur in this field must always remember. The term 'efficiency' in Online Education refers to cost reduction, which poses as the biggest challenge in India. For instance, the Government conducts online exam like the Common Admission test, which reduces the cost of printing, transportation and so on.'Efficacy' refers to the type of Communication medium.

The Online education eases the search for qualified teachers. The probability of getting an efficient teacher is not assured through traditional methods but if you take online, it is not the same. When it comes to online education, the child can choose his teacher of their preference, which is absent in traditional methods.

"When it comes to online education, the child can choose his teacher of their preference, which is absent in traditional methods."

Infrastructure plays a major setback when it comes to implementation of online education. If we take our neighbouring state China, where schools are adapting to online tutoring and students come to play and interact. In India, the change will happen once we reach the threshold level.

The technological constraint is with regard to the bandwidth constraints. There must be proper internet connectivity for the transformation to take place. The Government must take a maximum initiative to bring proper connectivity in the upcoming years. The other issue is the mental barrier where the parents will opt for offline more than online. Even if they are exposed to technology it becomes more difficult to make them understand about online education. The reason is that when it comes to education they prefer the traditional ways.

The Government must play a major role to ensure that there is an Infrastructural development. The internet penetration in our neighbouring state China is more competent. The transformation is happening in India but if it grows further, it will ensure that bandwidth constraints are completely removed. It is important to have a stable internet connection. Secondly, the public recognises online education only when they get the information through a reliable source like the media. The role of media is to make the people aware of the online education. (As told to Raman Balakrishnan)

Vamsi Krishna

Vamsi Krishna is Co-Founder & CEO of Vedantu, a leading ed-tech start-up into LIVE Online Tutoring. He is an Edupreneur, teacher & a technology enthusiast. He did his graduation from Indian Institute of Technology in the year 2005 and then worked as a management trainee at the Larsen & Toubro Limited. Later he co-founded the Lakshya institute in 2006 which core concentration was on JEE Main, AIPMT, AIIMS, PPMET, IIT Entrance Exams and so on. The first educational venture in 2006 called Lakshya, a Test Prep company in North India which got acquired by MTEducare, a listed company, in 2012.


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