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International Education Providing a Holistic Growth Opportunity- It is actually a Brain Gain!

By Charushilla Narula Bajpai, Founder & Key Mentor, University Connection | Monday, 09 Oct 2017, 05:01 IST

We live in exciting times! Today, more than ever before, students can choose to think beyond limiting career beliefs; they can be come explorers, deep-sea divers, designers, artists, nutritionists, media experts, sports managers – anything is possible. Today, more than ever, one can set their heart to any thing– it is possible.

Infinite Possibilities – Gain

Is it trans gender studies you would like to explore or meta physics? Is the study of wines your fascination or do you wish to combine economics with philosophy or baking with science & technology or genetics with computer science? Why not. We are all live in a diverse, multi-dimensional world, then why should our education experiences be uni dimensional or straight-jacketed?

Universities and colleges overseas are teeming with interesting student options that celebrate our multi farious personalities. Students can select majors and minor subjects that all add up to their final degree qualification. In essence, as an example, a Psychology major might be able to pursue a Music minor, not as a vocation, but as a well-taught subject.

Global Adaptability – Gain

In my opinion, studying overseas is an innovative way to explore the world.  Allowing your self to step out of your comfort  zone and learn is a sure shot recipe for unique life experiences that can add value to your personality. When in an alien territory, students have no option but to exert themselves to find information, make adjustments, make new friends, create new pathways to do or achieve some  thing.  It’s like re-discovering your world and in the pro-, developing the muscle to face the world and life in general.

Financial Sensitivity – Gain

It is a great idea to get students involved in the financial planning leading to an international education and even after that. Indian parents often feel duty bound to fund their children’s education. While some fulfil this commit ment quietly and the experience becomes like a missed opportunity, some others spend but also make the child feel that its been a favour. There is mid-path; by helping students prepare their international education goal as an investment opportunity, parents can allow them to not only get involved in how and when the funds need to be released, but also how the student can get more in charge of their daily expenses when at college.

“Ever since my daughter went to study at New York, I’ve only beens ending her quarterly fee, she’s managing her day-to-day expenses on her own,” shared a single mother who had shared her financial limitations with her daughter. Whether at the library, a fund-raising event, research assistantship or even at a nearby café, students have a number of innovative options to study and work at most international locations.

At the same time, it is not just a bout the money, it is about allowing  your self an opportunity to become self-reliant and develop a better sense of self.

Holistic Admissions – Gain

A holistic application-admission criterion gainst  the backdrop of the rigid Indian university framework that only focuses on marks, makes education overse  as a rewarding experience even in terms of preparation for an offer letter. Students do internships, community projects, attend workshops and engage with groups and societies outside the classroom thereby leading to a well-rounded personality who is not just an academic but also deep involved other wise.

This is not to assume that education in your home turf is not worth consideration– a good college any where can make for a great life experience. So here is a quick litmus test – if the resources(vary from country to country)are adequate and the student’s attitude(towards learning) is mature – making a choice to study internationally is definitely a brain gain.


July 2018
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