20 Most Promising Educational Institutes in Karnataka.

Karnataka, which exists as a stunning introduction to South India is one of the major educational hubs of our country. The state is home to well known educational institutions, which entice students within the country and abroad. With one central university, 24 public universities, 15 deemed universities, 10 private universities, 207 engineering colleges, 61 medical colleges, 48 dental colleges, 280 management institutions as well as Polytechnics, Pharmacy, Yoga, Fashion Designs, Homeopathy colleges and over 60 international schools, Karnataka has always enjoyed its dominants in Indian higher education system. The presence of Bangalore, a cosmopolitan city that has metamorphosed into a formidable future destination for education and careers, has helped the State to nurture individuals who are career-centric rather than job-centric.

With over 13, 000 students from more than 60 countries, Karnataka is globally acclaimed for the achievements in the higher education. However, there is a need for a long-term plan of action for the institutions to reap the best in future. To chart a new course in education that will tailor to future needs of rapid technological, social and economic progress to empower students with the best and quality knowledge and skills is becoming the utmost requirement. Karnataka which is recognised as a space of holistic development of school, collegiate and professional education interlinked with skill-based education, research and innovation, integrating analytical and technical skills, needs to prepare for a shift in education system from what it is today to a dynamic environment that will create the knowledge professionals of the future.

While, Karnataka makes a compelling case for education, ensuring a balance and harmony between the individual, institutions, society and nature, we have come up with some of the most promising educational institutions in the State, which have been highly productive in creating constructive education strategies with an effective track record of successful knowledge dissemination. In the next few pages, we take you through the best few educational institutes across the state selected by our expert panel with the ‘Top 20 Promising Educational Institutions in Karnataka.’

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August Special 2017

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