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The early 1980s was a difficult time for Indian graduates due lack of employment opportunities in the country, despite good academics and scholastic abilities. The next decade saw a gradual improvement as the economic reforms in 1991 helped Indian job market to regain its reputation with better opportunities for the graduates. Comparing to those periods,today's graduates are sitting on a velvet cushion, with large number of companies setting up their operational centres in India. It is true that, the country has no shortage of opportunities and no shortage of degree holders.

McKinsey Global Institute Survey 2007, however, exposed the quality of Indian engineering graduates by finding 75 percentages of students as unemployable. In the following years, both public and private agencies excavated the same ground, but to only come up with unchanged or feebler figures. While, in 2012 NASSCOM came up with similar statistics, 87 was the percentage given by a private agency to show the poor quality of technical education in India. Today, according to All India Council for Technical Education, more than 60 percent of the 8-lakh engineers graduating from technical institutions across the country every year remain unemployed.

While the premier engineering institutions in the country grabs the cream of engineering aspirants in India, the best out of them go abroad for higher education and the next lot join management courses to end up selling random products or join IT as it is lucrative. Still, we are left with many engineers who are low quality. It is obvious that it is not unemployment but unemployability, which is making our freshly minted engineers jobless.

Despite these hiccups, the number of students aspiring for engineering education rising exponentially year after year and mushrooming number of institutions to assist them – many with innovative methodologies – it becomes inevitable to find out the current big brands in the technical education arena - the ones that can give IITs and NITs a run for their money. This has enables us to find out whether the so-called reputed institutions are coping up with the changes.

In this survey, we have found the best engineering college in the country with capability of producing next-gen technocrats and some of them are outperforming the premier institutions in the country by producing successful entrepreneurs.We strongly believe that it is important to bring names of such institution to the limelight, so that, their ideologies and methodologies can inspire other institution in the country to drive in a better path and make India a developed nation.

Download now complete list of top Engineering Colleges