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The Power of Believing in Yourself

A bracket of three Indian students, Hiten Patel, Rahul Gopal and Perceus Mody who were studying abraod, developed a campus-networking website, Campusknot, which has been designed to connect faculty and students just like social media platforms. By Riya Das Living in a country far from home, where everyone speaks a language you didn't grow up with, can be a challenge. The then-student... Read More

Two Graduates who Built Waste Management Firm from the Ashes

The Noida based start-up is recycling cigarette waste into creative by-products. Vishal Kanet and Naman Gupta, in their 20s wanted to eradicate the discharge of these hazardous products, which are dumped into the environment. Here’s how they came up with this innovative idea. By Raman Balakrishnan With many of us who walk on the streets/or roads would have stepped on a million... Read More

Playing the Game Called ‘Innovation’

A genius Mumbaikar, Angad Daryani is a social tech entrepreneur and maker of unique low-cost DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Kits. An ardentart lover, he paints his canvas with electrons. By Riya Das Expecting an 8-year old child to build a humanoid robot is too much. Isn't it? But to everyone's surprise, Angad Daryani who was then in his middle-childhood did it, followed by creating a... Read More

A Teen who Turned Obstacles into opportunities

An inventor, activist, and entrepreneur, Siddharth Mandala is the person behind the discovery of the unique device to prevent rape. Despite failing for several times, he kept on trying until he achieved the success. - By Riya Das There is no dearth of such people on this planet who keeps on nagging instead of finding a solution. Hyderabad-based Siddharth Mandala, then a 17-year-old was... Read More

When Design Graduates Decide to Pep-up the Handicraft Industry

Hyderabad-based Vandyaa Lakkaraju and Rekha Mutyala, design graduates from National Institute of Fashion Technology, focus on reviving the traditional Indian handicraft industry through their venture, Ishma. Ishma brings authentic handcrafted products from rural craftspeople to urban market spaces. - By Raman Balakrishnan India, the ‘land of diversities,’ is famous for its... Read More


August 2018
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