Aivancity: Where Artificial Intelligence Meets Business & Ethics Learning

By Tawhid Chtioui, Dean & President
Aivancity: Where Artificial Intelligence Meets Business & Ethics Learning
Tawhid Chtioui,Dean & President

Tawhid Chtioui

Dean & President

The roots of higher education in France can be traced back to the establishment of the University of Paris in the 13th century. Since its inception, French higher education has undergone numerous transformations, influenced by movements such as the Enlightenment and reforms initiated by Napoleon. Several factors contribute to the allure of French universities. The availability of diverse programs in English, coupled with the comparatively affordable cost of high-quality education, enhances the appeal.

Additionally, France's rich cultural and historical background offers international students a unique and enriching experience. aivancity stands out as a distinctive educational institution in France and Europe, focusing exclusively on Artificial Intelligence and Data within its hybrid approach that integrates technology, business, and ethics. The institute distinguishes itself as neither a business school nor an engineering school but as a unique institution encompassing technology, business, and society. aivancity cultivates future Iagenieurs, equipping them to address the myriad challenges that the economy and society face concerning the utilization of data and artificial intelligence.

The inclusive training program accommodates diverse profiles from scientific, economic, and humanities backgrounds, enriching the school with a varied student body. It serves as a hub for pedagogical innovation, collaboration, encounters, and emulation, fostering a dynamic exchange between academic and professional realms and remaining accessible to the city and civil society.

aivancity promises employability through a pioneering concept, the Diploma Upgrade Lifetime Guarantee, allowing graduates to revisit the institution throughout their lives for skill updates. Acknowledgment by the French Ministry of Higher Education and recognition as France's top school in artificial intelligence by EDUNIVERSAL further validate aivancity's innovative approach. “The ‘raison d’etre' of aivancity is, above all, educational.

Our mission is to train young people to meet the many economic and social challenges posed by the potential of data and artificial intelligence.

Promoting lifelong employability in a field that will condition the transformation of the economy and society is an essential mission for aivancity.
Firstly, our innovative teaching approach focuses on case studies, ‘learning by doing’ and interaction between students and teachers. Secondly, aivancity has invented and registered the concept of a ‘Lifetime Degree Upgrade Guarantee', enabling aivancity graduates to return to the campus throughout their lives to update their skills”, shares Tawhid Chtioui, Dean & President.

”aivancity cultivates future Iagenieurs, equipping them to address the myriad challenges that the economy & society face concerning the utilization of data & artificial intelligence”

Fostering Learning, Connectivity, & Excellence
aivancity strategically established its campus in Cachan, a location just 10 minutes from central Paris by metro, featuring a recently renovated 4,000 mt. sq., 4-storey building with modern teaching spaces. Situated within a larger educational environment encompassing over 23 hectares of landscaped grounds, green spaces, sports facilities, and services, aivancity aims to be an accessible and open hub, fostering exchanges, sharing, encounters, and human relations as integral aspects of knowledge transmission in the era of artificial intelligence.

aivancity boasts a distinguished faculty, comprising over 80 professors, with more than half being international, 50 percent professionals, and 75 percent holding PhDs, covering 12 fields related to AI and Data. The interdisciplinary faculty, deeply involved in pedagogical design, integrates the dimensions of Technology, Business, and Ethics into syllabuses. The school prioritizes personalized support with small class sizes, extensive individualized pedagogical support, and project tutoring, ensuring a high-quality learning experience. The Pedagogical Department oversees program design, working collaboratively with various stakeholders to offer a top-notch educational journey for students.

Fostering Lifelong Employability & Societal Impact
aivancity emphasizes a transformative approach to education, prioritizing the learning experience and lifelong employability over traditional content and diplomas. The institution challenges the evaluation of schools based on academic output and graduate numbers, advocating for a focus on the social impact of intellectual and pedagogical contributions and the responsible engagement of graduates in society.

aivancity introduces innovative activities alongside its academic program, including the Artificial Intelligence Clinic, where students engage in practical data science projects supervised by professors.
This initiative not only enhances students' learning but also offers organizations free access to AI expertise.

Internships and work-study programs prepare students for the corporate world, allowing them to apply knowledge, develop skills, and refine career plans. The institution also mandates a one-semester citizenship mission, aligning with ethical considerations, to foster students' commitment to societal issues. aivancity's holistic approach aims to produce socially responsible graduates ready for impactful contributions in their chosen fields.

aivancity 's Vision for AI Education & Global Expansion
aivancity has prioritized establishing relationships with companies of all sizes and industries, resulting in over 60 partnerships. These collaborations involve providing AI clinic projects for students, facilitating student internships, work-study programs, and permanent job placements, as well as engaging in joint research projects. The institution is committed to adapting to evolving technologies, particularly AI, by continuously monitoring advancements and adjusting programs, syllabuses, and faculty choices in real-time.

aivancity's strategic roadmap outlines key objectives, including the establishment of a second campus in France to offer additional appealing study destinations for students. The institution aims to further its international development by attracting students from new territories, exploring the possibility of opening campuses in partnership with recognized local institutions in countries with strong employability potential for graduates. Additionally, the commitment to integrating new technologies, especially AI, into teaching tools reflects aivancity's dedication to providing personalized and individualized learning experiences for students.

Tawhid Chtioui, Dean & President, aivancity
Tawhid Chtioui, PhD, is a renowned academic, entrepreneur, and international expert in higher education. As the founding president and dean of aivancity, he brings extensive experience from leadership roles in prestigious institutions such as emlyon business school. Holding a PhD in Management Sciences from Paris Dauphine University and completing a Leadership Development Program at Harvard University, he has contributed significantly to the field through research, teaching, and management. Recognized for his achievements, he is a Chevalier de l'Ordre des Palmes Academiques and has received prestigious international awards, including the 'Top 100 Leaders in Education Award' and 'The Name in Science & Education Award'.
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