Sumeet Bansal,CEO According to several market research reports, the Indian Big Data Analytics market will grow at a CAGR of 26 percent and reach $16bn by 2025, which will give India an approximate of 32 percent share in the overall global market. Moreover, India ranks in the top 10 countries in Big Data Analytics with around 600 data analytics firms. Amidst this growth, AnalytixLabs, a frontrunner in database visualization and analytics training is preparing analytics professionals holistically since 2011. Started by Sumeet Bansal, Analytix-Labs operates with the mission to help out data analyst aspirants by making them skilled in data analytics and data science. Sumeet initiated to establish AnalytixLabs when he witnessed a group of individuals struggling to implement theoretical analytics learning in workplace even after getting trained. He realized the training was not up to the mark, and Sumeet, who already had work experience in analytics field for quite a time, felt passionate about delivering insights on job oriented and industry relevant analytics knowledge and skills.

Simplifying Learning Choices
Located in Gurugram, Haryana, and in HSR Layout Bengaluru, in the last few years AnalytixLabs has created a niche in the education industry by adding valuable propositions. From the very beginning, AnalytixLabs thrived to evolve as one of the best analytics training centers by imparting top quality learning contents. Their core principle has always been to provide high contextual job oriented guidance to students and working professionals through hands-on training in analytics and data science. And till date, the training center has done that and helped candidates and clients to become excellent industry performer. Offering a range of courses in artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning for various job roles,
AnalytixLabs has sketched a formidable learning experience. "We bring a good blend of technology that adds to the flexible learning options for the offline snd online learners. They work on industrial case studies and complete projects on the same. We always thrive to make them learn and acquire applicable skills," says Sumeet Bansal, CEO, AnalytixLabs.

"Offering a range of courses in artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning for various job roles, AnalytixLabs has sketched a formidable learning experience"

A Playground for Data Enthusiasts
Conducting boot camp training, where learners learn and work under the instructors' supervision, generally the training at AnalytixLabs is preferred by early industry professionals, fresher candidates who are immediate college pass out, and mid-level employees. Through the live online sessions, which are interactive in nature, the trainers teach the concepts of data analytics, deep learning and machine learning to these set of learners and help them in achieving practical skills. AnalytixLabs also offers an e-learning programme that learners can complete at their pace. They can login sitting anywhere in the world and get access to real time interactions with the trainers. For many overseas learners and working professionals this has proved to be one of the most convenient modes of learning. In addition to this periodic learning, the learners can also schedule for one to one doubts clearing sessions with the instructors.

The courses that learners prefer the most are business analytics 360, applied artificial intelligence and machine learning. They gain expertise over data science from early level to intermediate level. The students and working professionals prefer these courses to have extensive knowledge over technology. They get into the groove of advanced applications of analytics using artificial intelligence and machine learning. After course completion, based on students' profiles, AnalytixLabs assists the students with interview preparation. The training center also maintains a database of
eligible candidates and refers them to different companies. At times, companies reach out the training center to prescreen some of the students. In short, from interview preparation to profile building to job reference and recruitment, AnalytixLabs guides the students in every aspect.

An Upbeat Performer among Many Training Centers
In comparison to many other similar training providers, one of the big differentiating factors that set AnalytixLabs apart is its supporting nature. Any student, who is proactive and diligently working during the course tenure, get detailed support from the trainers. And many of the time, they get exclusive support outside the class or the training batches. These are the main beneficiaries, which describes a high degree of satisfaction and success rate of trained candidates in getting jobs.

Over the years, the training center has earned well deserved testimonials from satisfied learners who are placed well in their respective careers. As a part of its future plans, AnalytixLabs, in another one year time, are ready to operate in different cities and collaborate with renowned colleges to train students that are enthusiastic about building a career in data science and analytics. "We are helping them to stay well informed about the career options in this field at an early stage, so that they do not face difficulties in adapting to the industrial work culture or are devoid of any skills," concludes Sumeet.

Sumeet Bansal, CEO
Sumeet is a former business consultant who has worked with prestigious companies such as McKinsey and Company, ZS Associates and AbsolutData. He has diverse global work experience and an expert in market research, brand positioning, customer lifecycle management and pricing, and business analytics. Sumeet has worked in multiple sectors including automotive, banking, technology, pharmacy and telecom. With his excellent leadership quality, Sumeet is guiding AnalytixLabs to the pinnacle of success.
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