Lakshit Kothari,Creative Head

Lakshit Kothari

Creative Head

Chasing the big-city dreams, people migrate in masses with the hope of being a part of something bigger. The masses are growing daily means tighter the living space. Efficient utilization of the available space is a grave necessity and that is where the extensive demand of creative interior designers comes in. Interior design includes furniture designing, electrical layouts, flooring design, ceiling design, space planning, lighting and so on. A degree in interior designing opens up a range of opportunities and scope in the creative and design industry. It is one of the few professions which provides the flexibility of working from anywhere, whether be it from office or simply operate from home and start taking up individual projects with minimal investment. Although, interior designing is claimed to be a creative profession, being creative is not the only criteria that the industry sought for. An aspiring interior designer is supposed to acquire required education qualifications and expert guidance to fuel up his/her career.
Based in Udaipur, Rajasthan Animentor Academy in this regards, is contributing largely in framing the portfolios of future interior designers.

“Keeping in mind the decisive use of technology in everything today, our institution imparts education incorporating all the relevant software that exists in the industry,” says Lakshit Kothari, Creative Head, Animentor Academy. The institution is keenly focused to involve the teaching courses like Interior designing, graphics designing, web design and Animation. Indeed, the academy has pledged to take the responsibility of the students’ right from building their base to establishing them in their career. In Animentor, Interior designing course offered to the students are provided with the flexibility of choosing between short term (12 months) and long term (24 months).

Keeping the Traditions Alive
In India, many people hold tremendous faith in designing their homes in accordance with the ‘Vastu,’ an ancient Indian system of architecture. Understanding this rising conviction of the people, Animentor has integrated a new subject in the course curriculum named ‘Vastu’. The institution has always manifested to keep a pace with the trend of the industry that helps updating the modern day’s professionals. The role of using the latest technology and effective teaching methodology in teaching learning process is parallel. The teaching methodology practiced by the mentors of the institute is what considered as the ‘USP’ of the Animentor Academy. The students, during their tenure in the institution are assigned small-scale projects on a regular basis, which later at the end of the semester are bound together into the form of a portfolio. This practice helps the students to get hold their individual portfolios to highlight their creativity to the recruiters during the placements. During the entire teaching-learning process, the performance of the faculty members is pivotal.
Unlike other institutions, Animentor’s faculty members are selected not only based on the level of education qualifications they have,
the management also examines their respective experiences in the industry and their capability of conveying the same to the students.

Inspiring to Innovate and Guiding to Execute
“We always motivate our students to come out of the cocoon of four walls of the classroom and observe everything around them, which will enhance their creative spirit. It requires a lot of brainstorming and mind polishing in order to create something unique,” opines Kothari. The students of Animentor hereby, are eligible to grab the opportunity of interacting with the experts and demonstrate their abilities. Interior designing is one of the most cherished professions worldwide. The youngsters today are more inclined towards taking up a creative career, rather than opting for a 9 to 5 job, as they believe that life is too short for sticking to a definite job. Wherefore plethora of institutes are coming up to offer design education, nevertheless Animentor Academy has been able to carve a niche in this sector by signing constructive tie-ups with some of the ace organization of the industry. “We are planning to expand across the country and subsume more technological aspects to the method of teaching in coming days,” concludes Kothari. The persistent nature of the institution further proclaims it as a contributor of a long run.

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