Kritika Malhotra,Head of the Department

Kritika Malhotra

Head of the Department

Asian Law College, which is affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh (CCS) University and approved by Bar Council of India (BCI), follows an approach to legal education wherein learning experience is not only enlightening but also enriching and inspiring. Only a year old, the institute is committed to exploring multidisciplinary approach through its unique curriculum and revolutionizing legal education through modern pedagogies, thereby adapting to the changing world in which law professionals operate.

Kritika Malhotra, Head of the Department, Asian Law College says, “We aim at developing knowledge, skill and value amongst our students and they are nourished by the critical learning pedagogy and mentored and supported by faculty and staff so that they have the best experience possible to be successful in life.” The Asian Law College provides knowledge in parallel settings such as mock trials, debate competitions, moot court competitions, role-plays, dramas and many more. The teaching pedagogy adopted for this program is designed to promote multi-faceted inquiry and practical appreciation of the given problems.

The Asian Law College has an unmatched array of courses and academic offerings. Students have an opportunity to pursue a broad curriculum using rich educational resources in a dynamic and creative learning environment. Kritika points out, “We constantly revise our curriculum according to changing legal and other environmental developments. All our initiatives are a living proof of our commitment to every student’s success in his/her career.”

The institute firmly believes in the amalgamation of high quality teaching and overall development of students, and that the results are much more positive when both learner and learned play an active role. The secret of the institute’s effective pedagogy lies in promoting group dynamics, which include bringing a group of diverse students into a state of homogeneity and coherency for accomplishing a task. Asian Law College believes in bringing about a paradigm shift in delivery of legal education in the country. They aim to add new dimensions in legal education that would incorporate International Standards, thereby providing an environment which would enhance freedom and innovation in the dynamic pursuit of thoughts and civil society engagement to advance the law of the land. “We also look forward to enhancing research inputs in the education modules, thereby connecting students and faculty to the larger platform involving other national and international agencies and playing a pivotal role in framing socially relevant policies in the legal sector,” adds Kritika. ‘Crafting Prodigy Program’ developed by the Centre for Skill Development at Asian Law College, is a unique skill development program which focuses on the overall development of the students by their crafters, who assist them in identifying their skills and abilities and also motivates them to work on them, but more importantly focuses on developing independent and responsible individuals.

The Asian Law College continues its initiatives to invite renowned international faculty from around the world to teach its students. The institute is committed to support a diverse community of faculty who make a difference in their fields, inspire in the classroom and serve as leaders in intellectual communities. The institute, a part of Asian Education Group, was set up to promote excellence in the field of legal education and to fulfil the increasing demand of legal professionals for a growing legal world. “Our endeavour is to produce lawyers who will be efficient in the art of advocacy, both at the trial and at the appellate level. Presently, the institute’s flagship program is B.A.LL.B., which is a five year integrated program,” adds Kritika.

The institute provides five additional diploma programs and takes the knowledge and skill set of students to the next level. Asian Law College boasts of faculty members whose expertise spans across various areas of law and who have a wide range of teaching and research experience.” We attract students from diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives. This leads to a vibrant multicultural classroom wherein established theory and new critical questions are put into a dialogue,” says Kritika. The focus of Asian Law College is on justice education. The institute’s vision is to shape a better future for mankind by producing efficient and socially responsible aspirants. By developing good and worthy professionals, the institute wants to assist in the overall progress and development of its students.
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