Sahil Narang,,Director

Sahil Narang,


Student life is a phase of optimism where they wish to do great things and in this phase they are surrounded with a quest for opportunities. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to travel out of the country for studies or job to explore new slots for growth. This journey to growth becomes bit arduous if you do not have the right guidance. Edusky Global Education is a learning space specializing in overseas education services. The parent group has been in the business of education since 1999 but the counseling and admission assistance arm of the company was formed in 2011 as a space to fulfill the dreams of the aspiring novice to fly high.There are a number of companies present which offer overseas services, but that service is limited to the applications and admission process. Edusky goes beyond this approach.

"We promote the idea of a "360 Degree" counseling approach, which starts from scratch," says Sahil Narang, Director of Edusky Global Education. Edusky was started with an aim to provide genuine and unbiased career counseling. "Our first counseling session is a casual chat with the student to understand the interests and motivations, dreams and goals. Based on this, we then IELTS / GRE / GMAT / SAT / PTE and TOEFL, Application Processing, SOP and LOR Guidance, Visa Assistance, Education Loan, Forex Services and also Health and Travel Insurance. When it comes to test preparation for the GRE / GMAT and SAT, the institute believes in an `Out of the Box' training approach by using unique techniques to help students understand different concepts.
"We say a big no to memorization, which is the usual way taught in our schools and instead of this, we provide methods to students to understand the roots and origins of words and meanings for a better learning," says Sahil Narang. In the quantitative part, the institute uses practice materials from various researched sources for an added advantage to students. Once a week, Edusky organizes study games in the classrooms to engage the students suggest a career path and the options to get there. We go deep into the student's profile to really understand what they are best suited for and our aim is to promote students to study and work in a field they are passionate about, and not just follow the mob," adds Sahil Narang.`Life is all about chances and just because you have not aced the game yet does not mean that you will not be able to do it in the future,' Edusky team injects this thought to the students to excel in life. Edusky services include Career Counseling, Country Selection, University Short listing, Course Selection, Test Preparation programs for and to grow their knowledge in a fun way.

The classroom technique is more on `discussions and brain storming' rather than the classical `lecture' teaching approach. Edusky makes the entire process `Fun and Easy'. The experts guide the students on all the aspects and paperwork so that they can be prepared well. "Right from the applications, the documents required, government attestations, translations, to the visa preparation, we help the students from A to Z," says Sahil Narang. The institute has dedicated personnel handling the various departments like counseling, test preparation, applications and visa. This makes students to be confident as they are guided at every stage."Our aim is to have a variety of education pathways so that we can provide solutions to students with all kinds of profiles and interests," says
Sahil Narang. To achieve this, Edusky has been successful in partnering with a wide spectrum of institutions overseas providing a wide range of opportunities for all. "Here, we are extremely serious about the quality of our services. Our vision is to provide ethical and high quality counseling," claims Sahil Narang. The team consists of highly qualified Education Advisors and Counselors. Most of them have an industry experience of more than 8-10 years. They have a good knowledge of the various countries and also course streams available. Apart from this, the institute has dedicated personnel for applications and a team for Visa Assistance.

"To ensure the qualitative learning, we take constant feedback from students and ask them to rate the service received by them in the form of Feedback forms or a quick telephone call," says Sahil Narang. Edusky tracks the student progress with the help of the CRM system, which records all the developments, as admissions are about six to eight month process to retrieve it at any time. "We do keep in touch with our students who are overseas sometimes just to see how they are settlingin and to take their view on the particular college or university," says Sahil Narang.Today, Edusky aims to be easily accessible to the students through a presence on the "High Street" locations. "Following the similar model as done for Delhi, we plan to expand our presence in other cities. A high quality service accessible to all is what we strive to achieve, pan India," concludes Sahil Narang.
Delhi Institute of the Year - 2016