FON University: An Epitome Of First-Rate Higher Education Striving To Create True Industry Professionals

By Sefer Canoski, President of the board
Sefer Canoski,President of the board

Sefer Canoski

President of the board

Choosing the right university is one of the most important moments in every person’s life. All young people rightfully ask themselves how and where to obtain their academic degree that would guarantee them a successful professional career. Through its state-of-the-art methods of teaching, in the spirit of the Bologna Declaration and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), FON University successfully meets the goals and objectives of the modern higher educational institution. The University is also in the final stage of gaining an US based accreditation and transforming into the American University of Europe – FON (AUE – FON). It believes that the students are the core of the educational process and all study programs and teaching materials are to be chosen bearing the students’ needs in mind. The University is also the biggest private university in Macedonia. Being part of this prestigious educational institution will allow the students to pave their future as a successful professional in the institutions and organizations in Europe as well as around the globe.

Promising Unique Teaching Pedagogies

The teaching process at FON University is organized in the new University campus in Skopje – the capital of North Macedonia. It offers the most modern conditions for working and teaching, including the in-house dormitory with capacity to host more than 2500 students. All faculties offer mobility, lectures in smaller groups, interactive teaching and practical work. The university highlights the practical work and collaborates with institutions where their students can work during the summer holidays. Lectures are held according to the highest educational standards at 9 accredited faculties. Law and Political Sciences, Economics, Communication and IT, Design and Multimedia, Foreign Languages, Detectives and

Security, Sport and Sport Management, and Architecture. Faculty of Life Sciences including Dentistry as well as well as Tourism and Hospitality Management are also on the way of accreditation. FON University also offers the students postgraduate studies (second cycle of studies) on most of its faculties. Students can have limitless consultations referring to their studies, exams and studying materials.

Going Above and Beyond to Offer the Best

Students from various countries study at FON University which makes the campus an ideal place to nurture crosscultural learning. They are offered preparatory courses for learning the local language or courses and study programs conducted fully in English language. International students at FON University have benefited greatly from the high-quality curricula, their practical engagement in the study and research process and their integration with the local business community. Up to now almost 1000 international students have studied at the university.

For years now, FON University has been executing the project ‘Factory of Knowledge’, through which the students for the first time have had the chance through a team to produce real solutions for the companies which later would be placed on the market. The assignments will include rebranding of existing products or launching of new products, market placement, economic and development analyses, media campaigns, commercials, web pages, and graphic design. Essentially, they’ve benefited greatly from being also able to use the Erasmus opportunities for exchange across the EU. Students are offered a number of internship and placement opportunities in the country and abroad at the University.

Reinnovating University: Extending the Boundaries for New Horizons

In the strive toward internationalisation and excellence FON University has recently started a new chapter. On January 24 this year, a new international board of trustees has been elected, composed of exemplary individuals with global
standing and importance: 10 Nobel laureates, prominent world scholars, former state leaders, international experts. Mr. Sefer Canoski, President of the board of the University, shares, “Our aim is to implement a new governance policy and to develop and promote FON University in our country and abroad.

The purpose is to strengthen the quality of higher education and the promotion of science. We are certain that both our country and also the academic community will benefit tremendously from the presence of these outstanding individuals.” Among them, to name a few, is Prof. Dr. Robert Mundell, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Prof. Dr. Werner Arber, Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Prof. Dr. Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Peace Nobel Laureate, Prof. Dr. Edward Nell, Professor Emeritus at the New School of Social Research, NY, Prof. Dr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Former Director General of UNESCO, Don Vicente Del Bosque Gonzalez, Former Football Coach of The Spain National Team and others.

Studying in North Macedonia, your gateway to Europe

North Macedonia is a peaceful, multiethnic country in Southeast Europe. A member of the UN, NATO, Council of Europe, World Bank, OSCE, CEFTA and the WTO. Since 2005, it has also been a candidate for joining the European Union. North Macedonia is an upper-middleincome country and has undergone considerable economic reform since independence in developing an open economy. It offers high quality education, rich culture, good food and lodging at competitive price.

Sefer Canoski, President of the board

Sefer Canoski holds a BA degree in Bank Management and an MA degree in Management of Higher Education from FON University. He is also involved in the international networking process between European universities trough the London Follow-up Group, the Alliance of Central and Eastern European Universities, the Institut Européen des Hautes Etudes Internationales - Nice, France and Politehnico University – Milan, Italy. In 2012 Mr. Canoski was named a Peace Ambassador by the Universal Peace Federation.