Guvi: Revolutionizing Machine Learning Education, One Vernacular Lesson At A Time

By Arun Prakash, Founder
Guvi: Revolutionizing Machine Learning Education, One Vernacular Lesson At A Time
Arun Prakash,Founder

Arun Prakash


India's tech landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, with an increasing focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This shift is evident with numerous institutions now offering certificates and courses in ML. Even prestigious institutions like IIT Madras have joined the fray with a dedicated data science and machine learning course. In this evolving environment, GUVI Geeks Network stands out as a beacon of innovation, offering machine learning education that is both accessible and effective through online courses in a vernacular approach.

An IIT-M & IIM-A incubated Ed-tech company, GUVI offers a unique advantage as its mentors are actively engaged in the industry, constantly abreast of the latest industry trends, allowing them to share practical, real-world knowledge gained through their professional experiences with our learners in regional languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Spanish, Arabic, Telugu, Odia & Bengali along with English.

The genesis of GUVI traces back to a pivotal moment when its founder, during a visit to an engineering college, identified a significant skills deficit among juniors. With the aim of addressing this issue and aiding these students, the Founder- Arun Prakash M, embarked on a journey of creating programming videos in vernacular languages like Tamil. One of these videos gained massive traction, amassing over a million views in YouTube with garnering international attention.

This eye-opening experience shed light on the substantial skill gap within the Indian education system, attributed to language barriers. Determined to find a solution, the founder joined forces with Sridevi Arunprakash and Balamurugan Palaniswamy.
Together, they sought the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Ashok JhunJhunwala, who graciously incubated their vision at IIT Madras. Since that pivotal moment, GUVI Geeks Network has been unwavering in its pursuit of educational excellence and upskilled more than 2 million learners across the globe.

“In the primary boot camp, students receive instruction in machine learning technologies in their native language, guided by accomplished professionals including IIT professors, individuals holding Ph.D. degrees, and seasoned industry experts. Subsequently, students are tasked with the development of live projects, while also having the opportunity to engage in hackathons and workshops”, speaks Arun Prakash, Founder.

Bridging the Industry Readiness Gap
One of the biggest challenges in higher education globally is preparing students for the industry. GUVI addresses this issue by hiring industry experts and IIT professors who stay up-to-date with evolving industry trends. This ensures that students are taught the most relevant and current knowledge that is in high demand in the job market.

GUVI offers several features that set its courses apart such as Certification: All courses are certified by IITM Pravartak, adding significant value to learners' resumes; Pre-boot Camp: GUVI offers a one-week trial for students to attend classes for a nominal fee. If they find the classes suitable, they can proceed with the full course fee.

If not, the initial amount is refundable; Assured Placement Support: After completing the course and projects for each learner is provided with at least 50 guaranteed job interviews, along with continuous support until they secure a job; Vernacular Languages: GUVI's courses are instructed in vernacular languages, making English proficiency unnecessary.

The focus is on skills, not language; No Prerequisites: GUVI welcomes anyone interested in their courses, prioritizing curiosity and eagerness to learn.
Ensuring Faculty Quality & Modern Infrastructure
To maintain consistent quality in faculty, GUVI brings in the most experienced industry professionals and IIT professors. This ensures that students receive a high standard of education and mentorship, preparing them for successful careers in machine learning.

GUVI operates exclusively online, offering accessibility to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. They have developed an in-built coding platform called 'Codekata', where students can practice coding, web development, and debugging.

This hassle-free online infrastructure allows learners to hone their coding skills and see the outcomes of their work, all from the convenience of their device.

”To maintain consistent quality in faculty, GUVI brings in experienced industry professionals & IIT professors”

Future Roadmap that Aligns with Industry Requirements
GUVI's pedagogy follows a reverse engineering strategy. They collaborate with companies to understand their requirements and then tailor their courses to train students accordingly. This industry-academia partnership ensures that learners are job-ready and meet the expectations of potential employers.

GUVI's future roadmap is for ambitious learners. They plan to tap into the enormous potential in North India, diversifying their course offerings to include more than 800 different courses in various languages. Their expansion goals extend beyond India, as they aim to go global and spread their unique approach to education.

Today, GUVI is more than just an educational institution; it's a dream realized by three founders who understand the struggles of students coming from varied backgrounds. Their commitment to providing accessible, vernacular education in machine learning has not only filled a crucial gap but has also set a precedent for inclusive, industry-relevant education.
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