Dr. Somasekhar Thummala,Chairman & Managing Trustee

Dr. Somasekhar Thummala

Chairman & Managing Trustee

Offering high quality education at an affordable cost, a renowned academician and scientist, Dr. Thummala Somasekhar established Indian Academy Education Trust (IAET) in 1994 with a vision of transforming youth into vibrant managers for global careers. Started with a handful of students, today the trust has branched out into five different institutions, including the Indian Academy School of Management Studies (IASMS), which was proposed to offer twoyear course in Master of Business Administration, recognizing the growing inclination of youth towards management studies. The two-year MBA programme offered by the IASMS is a fusion of theoretical classes, guest lectures, industrial visits, provision of undergoing internship and case studies. “All the elements included in the curricula is purely structured to provide students a strong experience of a work environment and practical application of the concepts,” says Dr. Thummala Somasekhar, Chairman, Indian Academy Group of Institutions. Known as one of the most sought after courses in the country, MBA demands a lot of practical learning alongside with theoretical concepts. For the betterment of its students, the IASMS plans an assorted amount of academic and Indian Academy School of Management Studies: SETTING A NEW PARADIGM IN THE MANAGEMENT STUDIES non-academic competitions like business quiz, talent hunt, team-building activities and so on, which prepare the students to face the industry with confidence and overcome the fragile instincts like stage fear, lack of selfesteem and others.

Research Directed Approach
Before launching a product, the companies precisely perform an in-depth study of the market and consumers, discovering relevant need of the market and ensure high demand for the product. This study calls for a need of thorough research element in the curricula of B-schools. IASMS, on this interest, publishes a bi-annual journal termed as “IASMS Journal of Business Spectrum,” which includes book reviews, case studies, research works, conceptual and empirical papers in areas of business and management related disciplines. “Be it imparting knowledge, innovating ideas or research, the faculty members of the IASMS provide the first-rate mentoring to the students,” shares Dr. Somasekhar. The institution organizes the annual Faculty Development Programme called ‘Srujana’ in the campus including workshops and seminars considering the rapidly changing nature of education process. The institution also conducts monthly mentorship meeting where the teachers personally reach out to each student and counsel them regarding both personal and academic concerns. Along with this, the faculty members hold great interest in taking regular sessions on communication skills, personality development, problem-solving skills and so on which are regarded as the base of management studies.

Converting Intentions into Output
Innovation is regarded as the soul of any entrepreneurship program. These two concepts are closely interrelated to each other. The budding entrepreneurs explore changes and create unique business plans through innovating ideas, which are not yet unwrapped. IASMS motivates the students to undertake project work in their fourth semester where they acquire insights into the latest topics in business and focus on innovation by brainstorming. On the flipside, keeping the entrepreneurship spirit alive in the students, IASMS has started the Indian Academy Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (IACEL).
This centre anticipates applicable collaboration with entrepreneurship networks like the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE), Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka (AWAKE) and so on. Moreover, in order to give a kick-start to the students’ entrepreneurship journey, the institution act as a facilitator between banks and students, provide funds that would ease the obstacles one face while initiating a business.

Introducing to the Corporate World
Today, MBA is one of the most impactful career options among the job ambitious learners. The students enter the college premises with the dream of being employed by the end of their graduation. “The core objective of the management study program is to build a skilful pool and provide them placements in globally renowned companies,” claims Dr. Somasekhar. The institution has a methodized placement centre viz. the Indian Academy Centre for Student Placement Services (IACSPS) that holds a remarkable record in letting the students’ grabbing excellent jobs. The alumni of IASMS are content to hold some of the leading positions within the industry. The institution maintains a very close relationship with its graduated students through the Indian Academy Alumni Association. “The valuable ideas and suggestions contributed by the alumni members are markedly recognized by the college administration and implements the same from time to time,” shares Dr. Somasekhar. In the mean time, when numerous B-schools are emerging in the country, Indian Academy School of Management Studies is certainly giving a tough competition to its competitors.
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