Indiana Wesleyan University(IWU): Imparting World Changing Education

By Dr. Matt Lucas, Chancellor, IWU-National and Global
Dr. Matt Lucas,Chancellor, IWU-National and Global

Dr. Matt Lucas

Chancellor, IWU-National and Global

The demands of the global marketplace are changing quickly. This has created a war between corporations and organizations for the best talent while pushing some companies to offer training and education opportunities for current employees instead of recruiting new talent.

While professionally trained university graduates are in high demand, hiring managers are looking for more than the latest competency or skill. Hiring managers said they value integrity as one of the top three most important skills in a job candidate (Society for Human Resource Management, 2016). At Indiana Wesleyan University, we not only prepare students for a competitive global job market, but we help them develop into people of character who value learning and will be the future leaders of society.

IWU graduates are lifelong learners. In fact, 23% of alumni return to IWU to continue their education. The student body is represented in 49 countries today, and graduates of IWU go on to live and work for companies, organizations and governments all over the world. They are prepared both by faculty with diverse perspectives as well as IWU’s curriculum which is created and taught through a global lens.

Unique Teaching Pedagogies to Stand Apart from the Rest
With over 100 years of experience serving students, IWU has developed a unique approach that supports the global student. Specifically, the university has created a flexible program that allows an F-1 visa student to work while going to school. The Master of Science in Management (MSM) program is designed to help students explore their personal management capabilities in an environment where they can learn what it means to integrate their own faith experiences at
work. The program is offered in a traditional or hybrid format for students who wish to maintain student visa status.

“IWU is an institution that is committed to helping the individual student, and we believe it is important to see each student as an asset for our success and their success alike. This mindset is what sets us apart as it is the hallmark of whom we are and how we approach every situation within the University,” said Dr. Matt Lucas, Chancellor, IWU–National and Global. Providing an inclusive and relevant learning environment for students, IWU creates deep connection with their students and helps them prepare for their individual goals.

“Indiana Wesleyan University is committed to the success of each student with professional advisors and faculty who have real-life experience in addition to their academic training”

To give aspiring students different options to choose from, IWU has a wide variety of master’s and doctoral programs. IWU’s program portfolio includes courses such as the Master of Science in Management with a specialization in Information Technology, Master of Science in Management/Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Project Management dual degree and the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with a specialization in Information Systems. All of these courses are custom-designed and developed to offer education that challenges the learners to think differently and by doing soidentify their true potential. The educational curriculum at IWU offers the perfect blend of practical and theoretical education, which gives their students the perfect learning experience. Their programs are also designed to meet the needs of working international students who are looking for a convenient, fair-priced and well-respected university.

Faculty Leaders with Professional Perspectives and Global Focus
Indiana Wesleyan University is committed to the success of each student with professional advisors and faculty who have real-life experience in addition to their academic training. Many
faculty members are practicing their expertise in the marketplace alongside teaching, and offer students a unique opportunity for networking, career advice and industry insights. The small class sizes also allow students to get personalized attention from instructors and give them opportunities to build relationships that continue beyond graduation.

IWU’s DeVoe School of Business is led by faculty with experience in a variety of industries around the world, from professional sports to healthcare. Combined, they have decades of service in leadership within the marketplace, including financial and personnel management as well as strategic planning. IWU has also collaborated with Dr. Eric Harter, the president and CEO of Vesta Technology Solutions which provides international education consulting. Harter has a strong leadership background having been a CEO in both higher education and healthcare industries and has helped create education opportunities that meet the needs of F-1 visa students.

Staying True to the Philosophy of Holistic Education
The 100-year-old Indiana Wesleyan University has grown significantly in the past couple of decades with more than 13,000 students and 86,000 alumni. The reasonable course fee offered by IWU allows students to fully appreciate the quality of teaching and learning without worrying about the financial aspect of their education.

“IndianaWesleyan University is a faith-based institution that embraces all people and all cultures,” Dr. Lucas said. “We live out our faith by meeting and exceeding the needs of students in every aspect of the educational journey. The satisfaction of our students and the success of our alumni stands as a testament to our desire and commitment to lead and care for all who attend IWU.”

Dr. Matt Lucas, Chancellor, IWU–National and Global.
Dr. Lucas grew up in Taiwan and has worked extensively in Southeast Asia building educational partnerships that serve the specific needs of the local context while aligning curriculum with international standards and best practices.
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