IPK College: Shaping Future Professionals With Quality Learning

By Louis Yeoh Teong, Executive Director
IPK College: Shaping Future Professionals With Quality Learning
Louis Yeoh Teong,Executive Director

Louis Yeoh Teong

Executive Director

Striving to be an inspirational, lifelong learning institute that transforms individuals into future ethical leaders, IPK College (ipk.edu.my) is helping and shaping young minds by providing top-notch qualifications with a best-in-class holistic study environment. IPKs academic structure offers its learners numerous degree (in collaboration with various universities) and diploma programmes specially designed to meet the ever-evolving industry requirements.

Located in Bukit Mertajam, forty-five minutes away from the metropolitan city of Penang Island, Malaysia IPK College was founded by Mr Choo Chua Sin with the belief of shaping the future of the youth. With over sixty-three international medals and stringent ISO norms, IPK College is one of fourteen MyQuest six-star colleges in Malaysia. IPK College equips its students with the skills they need to adapt and succeed in a complex, ever-changing world. IPK College gives you an advantage over the competition by offering a oneof- a-kind educational experience. At IPK students will learn more and will be able to achieve their full potential with an award-winning educational system.

Growing While Learning Skills
IPK College puts forth various study programmes in streams which are Accountancy, Finance, Business Management, Hotel Management, Computer Science and Digital Learning. In addition to the above-mentioned study programmes, IPK College also provides qualifications and recognized diploma programmes at economical costs. The School of Business, the School of Hospitality, and the School of Computing are the three primary schools at IPK.

Penang is also racially diverse, with Malays, Chinese, and Indians making up the majority of the population, making it simple
for Indian students to integrate into the local society and learn about new cultures while attending IPK College. In the centre of Penang Island, the city has its own ‘Little India’, with Indian-owned stores selling spices, food, clothing, delicacies, and other goods. Students from India will feel quite at home at IPK College because there are numerous Indian stores providing food and other items both on campus and in the town of Bukit Mertajam, where the college is located.

IPK College’s academic mission is fivefold that are to Unleash our students' full potential to fulfil the demands of an ever-changing market, to Develop critical and holistic thinking abilities, as well as professional knowledge, and to support relevant sectors. Foster a collaborative, forwardthinking culture on campus; Develop synergistic connections with business and community partners to benefit our students; Improve institutional systems and establish a reputation as a respectable higher education provider. At IPK, the academic staff is mission-driven, and they are focused on making learners future-ready. To provide the students with the greatest knowledge possible, the teaching staff of IPK College is exceptionally knowledgeable in their respective disciplines and is up-to-date on the most recent information regarding their relevant subject matter. The Human Resources team also ensures that all lecturers and tutors acquire Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through attending training in their subject areas as well as training in other areas such as teaching methodologies, soft skills, and Quality Management Systems (QMS).

Students and teaching staff at IPK College are encouraged to participate in numerous Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, such as supporting poor children and the elderly, donating to blood donation drives, and engaging in various community services activities.

Developing Younger Generation Into Responsible Leaders
Internship opportunities and placement guidance programmes are available to
students in all courses at the institute. IPK College has strong industry contacts and professional relationships with local hotels, banks, restaurants, accountancy firms, and factories, all of which provide excellent work possibilities for students.

“Our advice to future students looking to pursue higher education in Malaysia is to enjoy the diverse culture in Malaysia. Do not worry about cultural differences in our beautiful country. We Malaysians are used to living in a multiracial society, and we are very used to respecting each other’s cultures, religions, and beliefs. There is no language barrier in Malaysia, as most of us are proficient in multiple languages, including English. Our culture is also close to that of India as both Malaysia and India are ex-colonies of the British, hence we share some historical backgrounds”, speaks Louis Yeoh Teong, Executive Director, IPK College.

"IPK College has strong Industry contacts and Professional relationships With local hotels, banks, Restaurants, accountancy Firms, and factories, all of Which provide excellent Work possibilities for Students"

IPK College Malaysia open-heartedly welcomes international students, to be a part of the institute which is culturally diverse and where students will study higher education in a holistic environment. The institute has ties with several overseas universities, allowing students to apply for final year degrees at reputable international universities in countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia.

Louis Yeoh Teong, Executive Director
Louis Yeoh Teong is an accountant with ACCA qualifications and holds a master’s degree in Business Administration. As a passionate educator, he shares the same belief as of college’s co-founder Choo Chuan Sin, that education is a mission to mould the future of our young, not a means to make money. As the Executive Director of IPK College Louis administers various activities and ensures that learners of the institute excel in their respective fields.
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