M. Kumarasamy College of Engineering

By Dr. K.Ramakrishnan,, Secretary | 2018-10-12 12:46:30
Dr. K.Ramakrishnan,,Secretary Every day the world is technologically
developing and the youth needs to develop
a lifelong learning habit to withstand the
changes in world. The engineering graduates
who are future makers of India need to be updated about
the social changes so that they will be able to contribute
well. M. Kumarasamy College of Engineering (MKCE),
which was established by M. Kumarasamy Health and
Educational Trust, started its journey in 2000, imparting
technical education to develop responsible citizens to build
a strong India.
The college has been member of various professional
societies and associations. With the support of such
collaborations, MKCE organizes technical talks and
Webinars to provide a platform for the budding engineers
to interact with professionals from various industries. “We
are recognized as the best Infosys Campus Connect Partner
and we are also accredited by various leading IT Majors like
Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro Technologies,” says
Dr. K. Ramakrishnan, Secretary, MKCE. The institute
has signed MoU’s with industry from their core domain
Dr. K.Ramakrishnan, Secretary
Dr. K. Ramakrishnan, a vibrant person filled with
dynamism, is a shining and definite role model for the
budding engineers of this institution. A production
engineer with B.E degree from Annamalai University,
Tamil Nadu, he was brought up with a vision to make
this rural pocket as a hub of technocrats. His ardent
faith in discipline and hard work has been winning him
success one after the other in all his ventures. He has
high aims and lofty ideals to secure a worthy place for
this college amongst the renowned colleges in India
and abroad.

such as Yokogawa India Limited, Poras Technologies,
Oracle Technologies, Siena ECAD, Pollution control board
of Tamilnadu, BSNL, Launchpad LLC.
Further, the college imparts a specific Career
Enhancement Credit Course, starting from the first year
for the students in every department. This course named
Career Skill Development (CSD) has been focusing on the
soft skills, technical skills and communication skills of
the student. “Apart from CSD, we also train our students
on campus to corporate finishing course to enable them
to perform from the day one,” adds Dr. Ramakrishnan.
Along with this training, the students are guided very
well to attract the visiting companies at every stage of
placement process.
MKCE motivates the students to be young entrepreneurs
and thus the Innovative Entrepreneur Development Cell
(IEDC) functions effectively to promote young talents
and students interested in start-ups. “We provide the
necessary ecosystem to encourage entrepreneurship
among the students by conducting E-Awareness camp,
College Bazaar and students are also guided by the financial
institutions about the financial assistance and opportunities
under the various government schemes.” pinpoints Dr.
Ramakrishnan. MKCE realizes the significance in research
moulding tomorrow’s engineers and thus works with a
research centre at the mechanical department to take up
research activities by both the faculty and students. “We
provide financial assistance for the faculties to conduct
research and publish research articles in journals and
conferences,” claims Dr. Ramakrishnan.
MKCE students are also offered value added courses.
These are conducted after the regular college hours and
thus they ensure that each student leaving MKCE with a
degree will have completed at least two value added courses.
The college maintains tie up with Accent Technologies for
conducting the certified courses like Telelogic, C#, NET,
Labview, JAVA, J2EE, J3ME and so on. By adopting an
industry-based curriculum along with the inclusion of value
added courses, MKCE updates the skills of the students
with an understanding of the societal needs.