Maharaja Institute of Technology Mysore

By Dr. B. G. Naresh Kumar, Principal
Maharaja Institute of Technology Mysore
Dr. B. G. Naresh Kumar,Principal Initiated by a group of distinguished professionals who are highly recognized for their eminence in the field of science and engineering technology, Maharaja Institute of Technology Mysore (MITM) has been able to carve a niche for itself amidst the various other engineering colleges in India. The institute holds a firm principle of imbibing discipline and regularity to its students through providing quality engineering education. MITM was established under the Maharaja Education Trust (R) (MET) to inculcate ethics and foster innovation and teamsmanship among the fresh graduates.

Dr. B. G. Naresh Kumar, Principal, MITM says, "Positive and productive learning environment is key to students' academic, emotional and social success. This fact led us to build up a campus that is not only beautiful but also constructive." Located near the historical city of Mysore, the campus of MITM is equipped with all the modern learning aids and excellent infrastructure. From well-ventilated classrooms, a range of laboratories, multipurpose sports ground, and canteen to transportation facilities, a separate computer section, seminar hall and hostels; the institute has encompassed all those resources which are essential for the effective teaching-learning process.

Among all other departments in the institute, the Department of Civil Engineering is the youngest branch and is considered as one of the most successful departments when it comes to generating all-round graduates. "We have put in an extra effort and created a custom-
designed class theatre with a seating capacity of up to 80, aiming to offer better learning experiences to the civil engineering students," opines Dr. Naresh. The students are welcomed to attain a four-year undergraduate civil engineering degree which ensures to strengthen the knowledge parameter of the students. The department boasts of having a team of qualified and experienced faculty members who believe to upgrade themselves with the latest developments on the civil engineering sector and teach the students using the best teaching techniques and methodologies. Along with teachers, students are also motivated to take part in re-search activities. "All the laboratories in the department are designed and equipped to cater the needs of academic, research and a broad range of consultancy services," states Dr. Naresh. The research activities in the department include - effective utilization of waste fly ash, iron ore tailing for the stabilization of weak soils, alternate building materials, green building technology and structural dynamics, just to name a few.

Among all other departments in MITM, the Department of Civil Engineering is the youngest branch and is considered as one of the most successful departments when it comes to generating all-round graduates"

Transferring Technical Knowledge
The recruiters no longer just search for academically sound candidates; they look for them who are having employability skills along with traditional skill sets like logical and communication and competencies that are required to play the role of a proficient civil engineer. At MITM, the students are groomed from day one of their stay in the campus, making them compulsorily the member of Builders Association of India's student wing, "Shilpi", which greatly assist them in bridging the gap between academics and industry by organizing various technical trips and technical talks. "This initiative also provides our students a chance to socialize with students and staff of other coll-
-eges," pinpoints Dr. Naresh. The department also has a tie-up with IGBC (Indian Green Building Congress), an organization that keeps the students updated on the trending concepts through inter-college quiz competition, regular seminars and conferences for both staff and students. Dr. Naresh shares, "Even we organize such programs throughout the year under the banner of FORCE (Forum of Civil Engineering), an active wing of students and staff." Multiplying their practical expertise, the students are taken to a number of work sites which helps to instill hands-on knowledge in the students.

"Apart from the close association with NITs, IISc, IITs and other top organizations, the college recently signed an MOU with the Alborg University, Denmark, for staying abreast of the new approaches of learning, scopes, and related growths," shares Dr. Naresh. The college has a dedicated placement and training cell that puts its cent percent efforts in improving the students' placement quotient and looks after their body language, mindset, skill set, attitude, aptitude, communication skill, group work and so on. Whereas most of the students go for pursuing their post-graduation, the rest of the students are placed in companies like P. G. Shetty and Zenith constructions by the institute. The department of civil engineering is taking the institute to newer heights and has set an aim to evolve into a center of excellence, creating and gifting the nation with "Complete Civil Engineers".

Dr. B. G. Naresh Kumar, Principal
Dr. B. G. Naresh Kumar, the Principal at MITM has a career spanning near to three decades in the field of engineering education. He has published 25 Technical Papers in National and International journals, Conferences and Seminars. Before joining MITM, he worked as Advisor to AICTE, New Delhi. He has guided 5 Ph.D. students and is currently guiding 6 Ph.D. students.
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