Millsaps College: Charting A Path Of Innovation In Business Education

By Harvey I. Fiser, Dean
Millsaps College: Charting A Path Of Innovation In Business Education
Harvey I. Fiser,Dean Differentiated by its intimate class sizes, Millsaps College fosters dynamic interactions between faculty and students, and nurtures collaborations in research and entrepreneurial endeavors. Millsaps believes in the value of experience. Millsaps is home to a renowned AACSB accredited business school – The Else School of Management.

Located in Jackson, Mississippi, the college thrives amidst a hub of government, healthcare, and industry, offering abundant internship and employment prospects. Leveraging its esteemed alumni network and the standing of its community leaders, a Millsaps degree presents a gateway to unlimited opportunities.

The college boasts the state's highest graduation rates and the most lucrative median earnings for graduates ten years post-enrollment. Its renowned study abroad programs span from excavating Maya ruins in a vast jungle reserve to engaging in global pursuits, such as parliamentary meetings, artistic endeavors, and cultural immersion across continents.

Embracing diversity, Millsaps College hosts a tapestry of cultural celebrations, fostering an environment where exploration and curiosity are valued. Established through philanthropy, the institution has evolved from its late 19th-century origins to become a beacon of international student excellence and a pioneer in academic honors societies and accredited business education.

Nurturing Tomorrow's Business Leaders
The Else School of Management at Millsaps College, founded in 1979 through generous contributions from Charles and Eloise Else, remains committed to delivering top-tier business education, shaping leaders impacting global organizations.

The Else School cultivates future business and community influencers by integrating demanding academic training with partnerships with corporations, both within the classroom and through internships. This unique approach shapes graduates who are well-prepared to enter the professional realm. Achieving this objective involves dedicated teacher-scholars and a challenging curriculum focused on fostering exceptional individuals equipped with critical thinking, quantitative analysis, ethical consciousness, and strong communication abilities.

The Else School is home to an exceptional entrepreneurship and business consulting group, ELSEWORKS.
Comprised of carefully selected students and faculty, this team serves as an external advisory unit, guiding businesses across marketing, finance, and expansion strategies. Their mission extends beyond profit, aiming to foster entrepreneurship that drives positive social change within the community. Through hands-on experiences with real businesses, students apply their skills while making tangible impacts locally.

Leadership growth is further enriched through global exposure, hands-on learning opportunities, and personalized guidance for students both within and beyond the confines of the lecture hall. The school's mission centers on molding distinctive professionals adept at navigating the complexities of today's business world while making meaningful contributions to their communities.

Dynamic Education Environment
Leveraging the foundation of liberal arts education at Millsaps College, the diverse programs within the Else School equip students to excel in effective communication, critical thinking, and comprehensive analysis across the domains of accounting, business, and economics. Many courses integrate hands-on experiences collaborating with local businesses, allowing students to tackle authentic challenges alongside instructors, addressing real-world issues and prospects.

Through our ELSEWORKS consultancy, students, under faculty guidance, provide counsel to local enterprises, spanning areas like marketing, data analytics, finance, and growth strategies, fostering economic progress in our vicinity. Students emerge not just with technical expertise but also with a deep-rooted ethos of principled leadership and entrepreneurial vigor.

The intimate class sizes, enriched with practical real-world encounters, empower students to cultivate distinct adaptability skills, crucial in an ever-evolving landscape. This process is propelled by esteemed faculty members who stimulate students to broaden their horizons.

The Else School actively promotes community involvement via internships, live case studies, global business education, and community service, nurturing well-rounded, perpetual learners poised to positively impact the business sphere post-graduation. This involvement fosters a robust network of alumni and community collaborators, providing students with invaluable industry exposure.

Moreover, Else School students have the unique opportunity to manage the College’s student-run investment fund. Collaborating with industry experts, students analyze potential fund adjustments and directly influence investment strategies.
Annually, these students present their buy/ sell recommendations to finance industry leaders for fund consideration. Notably, the Lewis Wilson Student Managed Fund consistently outperforms leading indexes, offering students a pathway toward meeting CFA certification requirements upon graduation.

”Leveraging the foundation of liberal arts education at Millsaps College, the diverse programs within the Else School equip students to excel in effective communication, critical thinking & comprehensive analysis”

Adapting to Business Dynamics
"Utilizing a global alumni network entrenched in technology and diverse industries, Millsaps College stays attuned to the rapid evolution of the business landscape. For instance, recognizing the accounting field's progression into data analytics and AI, our programs have swiftly adapted by introducing a Business Analytics certificate, along with novel degrees in Data Science, STEM-oriented Accounting, and Master of Business Administration programs. Within the Else School of Management, the Advisory Board comprises professionals who have initiated and cultivated their own ventures, alongside executives from highly selective global industries.

This board plays a pivotal role in ensuring the Else School remains updated on prevailing business trends, enabling our educational offerings to stay pertinent and contemporary. Operating as a smaller yet accredited institution grants the Else School of Management agility, enabling prompt responses to industry shifts compared to our larger counterparts. This nimbleness empowers us to remain agile, swiftly aligning with the dynamic demands of the business sector", shares Harvey L. Fiser, Dean.

Future Plans
The Else School of Management at Millsaps College has proactively addressed industry requirements. Pioneering the integration of analytics into its curriculum across diverse disciplines, the college stands as an early adopter in this domain. Any enrolled student has the opportunity to enroll in courses that lead to a Certificate in Data Analytics.

In alignment with market demands, Millsaps College is poised to introduce novel undergraduate programs specializing in Business Analytics and Data Science, alongside two graduate programs categorized under STEM: a Master of Accounting and Analytics and a Master of Business Administration featuring Analytics. These programs are currently open for applications, targeting a commencement date of Fall 2024. These newly introduced STEM-focused business programs directly cater to the specific needs articulated by the business community.
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