NEOMA Business School: Creating Level Headed Business Professionals That Are Capable Of Making A Difference

By Fernando LLAMBIAS, Head of International & Postgraduate Recruitment
Fernando LLAMBIAS,Head of International & Postgraduate Recruitment


Head of International & Postgraduate Recruitment

Business schools play a major role in supplying the industry with capable professionals that can make a positive impact. France has always been at the forefront of equipping students with the needed skills required to thrive in the modern business landscape. Coming from the rich heritage of modern French business education is NEOMA Business School. The institute has a strong ambition to be the innovative challenger of the greatest international business thanks in particular to its powerful network of 62,300 alumni and its triple international accreditations (EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA). For achieving this, NEOMA has been challenging traditional educational models to empower their students to play an active role in the transformation of the society and provide them with the skills they need to pursue the professions of tomorrow. NEOMA Which is ranked 6th in France by Challenges, a leading newsmagazine, and 19th worldwide by the Economist, strives to train passionate people, inspired and inspirational economic players who yearn for meaning, and are fully capable of building tomorrow's society and become the architects of tomorrow.

Imparting Value Infused Education
Acknowledging its pioneering position in the use of immersive virtual reality in the classroom, that has been awarded many international prizes, NEOMA is rethinking its whole educational approach. "In an era of globalization, we believe that uniqueness comes from a person's character, values, commitments, and passions. We believe that teaching methods must incorporate new approaches of information and knowledge, capture attention, and create experiential learning based on fast-evolving technologies. NEOMA teaches its students to apply solid managerial skills in a globalized and multicultural professional environment. In addition to providing multicultural exposure on its campuses, the curriculums include periods of cultural immersion through student exchanges at its 335 partner universities in 52 countries and in companies abroad. Innovative experiential pedagogy has a central focus in the school's courses, with role-playing, peer learning and 'Learning how to learn' orientation. The school is a
forerunner in the use of immersive virtual reality (IVR) in its management courses", says Fernando LLAMBIAS, Head of International and Postgraduate Recruitment, NEOMA Business School.

"NEOMA has been challenging traditional educational models to empower their students to play an active role in the transformation of society"

NEOMA Business School provides a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and talking about some of the unique courses offered in the institute, Fernando adds, "Our flagship program is Master in Management which has an exceptional and flexible curriculum that combines general management and high level of expertise. We have a global BBA, which is a 4-year bachelor's degree that offers a solid base in the culture of management, business administration and marketing that is fully taught in English. Our Masters of Science is equivalent to the MBA in India and this program gives dual skills and boosts career prospects while providing an advanced degree within an international context. For this course, we offer specializations in various areas such as Luxury management, Digital Supply chain, Finance, International Marketing and Brand Management." NEOMA campuses are instrumental in its pedagogical and digital transformation. The School will also be challenging the traditional classroom set-up by creating new learning spaces such as Augmented Learning rooms, Creativity rooms and Resources rooms in the near future. In 2021, the institute will open itsnew campus in Paris, where they will welcome international students in bachelor and MSc programs.

NEOMA also has an 'excellence scholarship program' offered to international students. This program applies for a large variety of courses from Bachelor's degrees to Postgraduate Master's as well as Master in Management. According to the program, an international student could obtain a grant of up to 4000 Euros during the course of their education. NEOMA has a department is dedicated to helping international students to support all the administrative procedures as a student (social security paperwork, bank account, residence permits for international students, housing, airport shuttle services. They organize events to help you settle in (such as forums and information sessions).

Top-Notch Education Coupled with International Exposure
Providing ample support to all the projects and initiatives taken
up by the institute is NEOMA's experienced faculty members. The faculty members (170 permanent professors) are engaged in practical, applied research that is directly helping businesses and community leaders to succeed in a constantly changing environment. Not only is the research undertaken at NEOMA designed to address organizational problems, but the researchers are also contributing insights that fuel informed public debate by providing data and evidence to challenge opinions in areas such as social innovation and leadership ethics. These insights are channeled into the programs that are offered to the students, ensuring that they benefit from a learning experience that reflects the latest thinking about the challenges faced by businesses and management, thus preparing them to tackle both the current and future issues.

International immersion is at the very heart of NEOMA's DNA. This approach has been extended by launching a variety of new programs through its global network of more than 300 top tier universities. "Most of the programs offered by NEOMA include an academic exchange with one of our 335 prestigious partner universities in 52 countries like the University of California, Berkeley, St Gallen University in Switzerland or the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore and Calcutta. Our 'Entrepreneurs across borders' is a program that offers students whose start-up is incubated at NEOMA along with the opportunity to carry out their exchange with a partner university's incubator. With its new models of international immersion, NEOMA significantly reinvents and enhances the students' international experience." For aspiring students, NEOMA Business School offers an opportunity to study in France, while obtaining a top-quality education in a great quality of life environment from a world-renowned educational institution.

Fernando LLAMBIAS, Head of International & Postgraduate Recruitment
Born in Argentina, Fernando is a Higher Education specialist interested the internationalization process and transnational mobility. Prior to joining NEOMA in 2014, Fernando has gained valuable industry experience that has helped him to play his role perfectly in the growth of NEOMA Business School.