Rathinam Group Of Institutions: Shaping Future Leaders Through Innovation & Excellence

By Rajanitai V. Magdum, Presidnt
Rathinam Group Of Institutions: Shaping Future Leaders Through Innovation & Excellence
Rajanitai V. Magdum,Presidnt In the dynamic landscape of education in India, Rathinam Group has emerged, driven by the visionary Dr. Madan A Sendhil, a passionate educator inspired by the renowned model of Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Sendhil's vision sought to intertwine technological innovation and robust education under a unified echelon, creating a distinct mark in the vibrant educational panorama of the country.

This journey began as a 'Seed to Success’. Dr. Sendhil and his dedicated team faced skepticism and challenges while blending technology with diverse educational streams. Undeterred, they established the sprawling 70-acre Rathinam Techzone Campus, where conventional and modern educational doctrines converged, becoming a beacon of innovation and academic excellence.

Rathinam Group evolved into a multifaceted educational hub, offering a diverse range of inclusive educational opportunities, from Pre-KG to Ph.D. The institution also housed IT parks and Start-Up incubation centers, seamlessly blending academia and industry, providing students with a melange of options for growth and learning.

The impact of Rathinam's educational excellence is evident, having guided over ten thousand students toward academic brilliance and national competencies. With a forward-thinking vision, the institution now sets its sights on broadening its horizons by kindling the intellectual flame in the minds of twenty thousand more students, cementing its legacy as a paragon of educational and technological integration.

Bridging the Gap Between Education & Industry
Rathinam Technical Campus offers industry-aligned courses with a curriculum developed in close cooperation with industry partners, ensuring that students gain up-to-date skills and knowledge that make them competitive in the job market. The institution's unique collaborative learning approach, centered around the Centre of Excellence, emphasizes practical learning, equipped with state-of-the-art labs and tools, fostering problem-solving abilities and real-world project readiness.

The campus places significant importance on industry internships and placements, providing students with valuable work experience and industry connections. Soft skills development, including communication, teamwork, and leadership, is integrated into the curriculum to enhance students' overall skill set. The mean salary package stands at 5.5 LPA, with the 'super dream', placement offer being 58 LPA for this year.
The campus houses five Centers of Excellence, including those for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Networking and Cybersecurity, Robotics and Automation, and a Bio-Innovation Hub for biotechnology-related research and development.

Additionally, it hosts a Research Hub and Fabrication Laboratory, recognized as a research center for the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The Atal Incubation Centre (AIC RAISE) supports student entrepreneurship, promoting innovation and the development of startup ventures.

The Students 360 curriculum embedded strategy incorporates 12 key parameters, such as Personality Grooming, Training & Placement, Research, Practical Learning, Innovation & Design Thinking, and Entrepreneurship. This approach enhances students' overall educational experience.

The institution places a strong emphasis on industry-academia partnerships, inviting experts for lectures, workshops, and facilitating internships. They collaborate closely with industry partners to develop a curriculum that aligns with industry needs, working on industry-driven projects and fostering strong connections through industrial visits, field trips, and an industry advisory board. Continuous faculty development ensures that industry trends are incorporated into teaching methods, preparing students for successful careers in the industry.

Pioneering Engineering Education for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Rathinam Technical Campus sets itself apart in the field of engineering education with a distinctive approach that combines rigorous curriculum, applied learning, and a comprehensive focus on career development and entrepreneurship.

Notable aspects of their engineering courses include their autonomous status, prestigious NAAC A+ grade, and NBA accreditation for key departments, emphasizing their commitment to academic and operational excellence. They have earned national recognition, being placed in the ARIIA excellent band and securing a rank within the NIRF band 51- 100 for innovation, highlighting their capacity for innovative educational practices.

The institution offers a diverse range of engineering programs with 9 undergraduate and 4 postgraduate courses. Their recognized research centers, such as the Anna University recognized research center for ECE and Physics, provide students with opportunities for high-end research, enhancing their theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Rathinam's entrepreneurial ecosystem, featuring the Startup School and substantial seed funding and research project support, empowers students to explore and launch innovative projects.
They also focus on industry-ready training through specialized centers of excellence and the MSME Business Incubator, ensuring students are well-prepared for the demands of the real world. With state-of-the-art lab facilities and recognition as a top-performing institute by IIC for three consecutive years, Rathinam remains a hub for innovation and practice in the technical domain. They have secured a funding amounting to INR 1 crore from an MSME incubator.

Fostering Industry-Aligned Learning
Rathinam Technical Campus excels in providing industry-relevant courses designed in collaboration with esteemed partners. Their unique collaborative learning method, through the Centre of Excellence, emphasizes practical learning, fostering strong problem-solving skills for real-world projects. The campus prioritizes industry internships, work placements, and the integration of soft skills like communication and leadership into the curriculum for well-rounded students.

The institution proudly hosts five Centers of Excellence sponsored by industry leaders, offering expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Networking, Cybersecurity, Robotics, Automation, and Bio-Innovation. They are recognized as a research center and offer a Fabrication Laboratory.

The Atal Incubation Centre fosters student entrepreneurship, supported by the Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, making Rathinam a dynamic ecosystem where education converges with industry, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Path Ahead
Rathinam Technical Campus is committed to enhancing the quality of education through continuous improvement and innovation in various strategic areas. These include the integration of emerging technologies, the promotion of hands-on learning experiences, the adoption of blended learning methods, the strengthening of partnerships with industries and research organizations, the encouragement of skill development and entrepreneurship, investments in faculty development, and the establishment of international collaborations.

These initiatives are designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and a global perspective necessary for success in an ever- changing professional landscape.

In addition, the institution is preparing to introduce the Rathinam Hybrid Centre, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at enabling third-year students to earn minors and honors degrees. Furthermore, they have outlined a plan to make world-class education more accessible to Indian students by offering certifications from highly regarded institutions ranked in the top 100 by QS, enhancing their employability and global competitiveness.
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