Rofel College Of Arts And Commerce: Empowering Students Through Cutting-Edge Teaching Methods

By Padma Bhushan Rajju Shroff, Chairman
Rofel College Of Arts And Commerce: Empowering Students Through Cutting-Edge Teaching Methods
Padma Bhushan Rajju Shroff,Chairman Under the new education strategy, India's educational system is being modernized. Changes brought about by the new policy will start at the school level and extend all the way up to the university level. Many institutions are actively upgrading their curricula, teaching methodologies, and overall environments as India transforms the way students are educated. Today, a spirit of inquiry and entrepreneurship is also being inculcated in the students. The ROFEL College of Arts and Commerce is one such college which is offering students education across disciplines while also instilling soft skills in the students to make them ready for the ever-changing demands of the world.

Vision & Mission
ROFEL Arts and Commerce College was founded in 1989 and is associated with VNSGU, Surat. It is run by the Rotary Foundation for Education and Learning Trust (ROFEL) with the noble objective of producing educated and skilled people who will work together to disseminate VIDYA DANA, the Pioneer. And the adventure is still ongoing thanks to President Shri Rajjubhai Shroff who received the Padma Bhushan honor. Students from various contexts—rural, village, industrial—as well as from various cultural traditions are learning together. The opportunity for the first generation of families from interior villages to better themselves in the world is made possible by the colleges. “ROFEL acts as a kind of bridge for more than 80 surrounding Villages to connect with the global world.

Every year we have more than 400 students, passing out from each branch of learning”, shares the higher authority.
To ensure success for every student, the college maintains a 65:1 studentteacher ratio including visiting faculties. Additionally, the college also ensures that the faculties are proactive in their fields by organizing various seminars, and workshops for faculty development as well.

Course & Infrastructure Offerings
The college provides instruction in a variety of subject areas, including M.Com in Accountancy, and M.A. in Economics. “Institute’s vision is to make complete personalities of the students professionally and socially through value based and Career Oriented Education, and additionally to develop their skill to open up a new horizon in the presently rapidly changing world. Many of tribal belt students have the inner potentiality to grow in a rapidly changing scenario, the college provides them a foundation and opportunity to nurture and grow according to their caliber”, says the higher authority.

As part of the learning experience, the college also organizes a number of field trips. Industrial Visit, field work, campus visit is arranged for first-hand experience to the students. The college has successfully completed three cycles of NAAC accreditation, and boasts a significant number of female students, with a focus on empowering them and government scholarships programs.

With the aim of offering a skill-based curriculum, the college also offers University approved courses like culinary arts, beauty and care courses, GST, TALLY Computer course, self-defense, and much more. The college has placement cell popularly known as UDISHA club which offers soft skills development opportunities to the students. Another offering, the Knowledge Consortium Gujrat initiative known as FINISHING School, offers training and makes students interview and job ready, by helping in polishing language, personality grooming, leadership skills, and much more.
A number of guest lectures, conferences, and workshops are also organized to promote a holistic development of the students. Antiragging cells, women development cell, NCC, NSS, Yoga, and Rain Harvesting, are some of the many extracurricular exposures that students experience at ROFEL. The college also publishes the ‘SETU’ Wall paper and Darpan Magazine which offer students an opportunity to have their work published. Furthermore, the language lab helps develop communication skills which are crucial for personality development.

Smart classes, conference room, seminar hall with audio visual accessories, highly enriched library containing rare books to satisfy the knowledge thrust of the students are some of the many infrastructural offerings. For economically weaker students they run a BOOK BANK. The library has KOHA software. A fully eco-friendly, NaMo Wi-Fi and GTPL internet facility.

"ROFEL is one such college which is offering students education across disciplines while also instilling soft skills in the students to make them ready for the ever-changing demands of the world"

Future Roadmap
Rofel Arts and Commerce College seeks to instill social values and professional skills in its tribal students. The College IQAC has identified the broad objectives that the College is working to accomplish including the creation of a holistic environment for the growth of students and faculty, upgrading education by integrating technological tools, fulfilling social obligations by organizing programmes for the advancement of the community, launching measures for environmental protection, instilling a spirit of research and starting a dedicated research center, and encouraging the ROFELITES to work hard to improve all facets of the way that education is delivered, from course content to student placement, and has a long list of development projects scheduled for the near future.
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