Dr. A. K. Sen Gupta,Mentor The birth of South Indian Education Society’s College of Management Studies and its sister institutions arose from the thought of a sole person, M.V.Venkateshwaran, who laid the foundation for South Indian Education Society in Mumbai in 1932. The small beginning of the institute with six students later emerged as a big family with various educational institutions including a high school, a group of arts, science and commerce colleges, along with academic and professional institutions of extensive education. Currently, the SIES family has more than 20,000 students under its wing and SIESCOMS located at Nerul in Navi Mumbai is one of the prime constituents of the family.

“To bring about a difference, we need to stop thinking in the same old manner and SIESCOMS is an institute, which is continuously trying to do something new and creative. Ever since its inception in 1995, we have been striving to create managers with new and novel thoughts,” says A.K.Sen Gupta, Mentor of SIESCOMS.As an institute of difference, SIESCOMS makes continuous efforts to indulge students in something new. The introduction of Skill-Linked Immersion Program (SLIP), Global Immersion Program (GIP) and Leadership Trait Development Program (LTDP) are all part of these efforts. “SLIP is a program wherein students get three weeks of intensive skill based projects. It is a flagship program in the 1st year of PGDM course,” claims Sen Gupta. While internationalization of education has become an important factor for the management students, the institute introduced Global Immersion Program,
wherein students undertake a short duration tour to a foreign country. In this time period, students get an international exposure, and they learn to analyze the market and develop a global outlook.
Along with that, the differentiating strategy to create leaders rather than followers has given way to the Leadership Trait Development Program, which aims at developing leadership traits. Because of these innovative teaching techniques and Working with NGOs and summer projects are also a part of the SIESCOM’s curriculum. “The success in reaching the set goal always depends upon the ones driving it. Here,we are completely dedicated to achieve the title as an innovative business school and the relevant curriculum coupled with good faculty members are the utmost requirements of innovation,” adds Sen Gupta. The institute provides a world-class application driven curriculum with a combination of classical and innovative pedagogy. The possession of 56 full time faculties, more than 75 visiting faculty along with 100 to 120 guest faculty helps in the injection of the specialized curriculum into the students. The mentor team is not only into teaching, instead they consider themselves to be learners.

“Our trainers regard the interaction with the corporate and mentor of other institutions as a learning space to update them with the latest happenings in the MBA education,” says Sen Gupta. In addition to that, the institute promotes the mentor learning through faculty development programs and by conducting seminars and conferences. The faculty members do not confine their responsibility to teaching; instead they inculcate the right values for the students resulting in a good personality development among them. As a whole, these trainers shape the students in such a way that they become the creators of history which will be path breaking for others.However, at SIESCOMS,
learning for the students is not only happening through the trainers but also from the alumni, who have a significant role in guiding the students who are pursuing their higher education at SIESCOMS.
The institute organizes classes and guest lectures by alumni especially the ones who have created their own space in the market so that students will be able to learn and analyze their way of working. These alumni members visit the institute for not only training but also offer the students with internships and the well-proven students are high quality standards, the flagship PGDM program of SIESCOMS has recently been accredited by Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), USA, one of the leading international accreditation agencies in the world.

“While research is the stepping-stone to innovation,there is lot of focus on research in our institute, wherein we ensure the participation of both teachers and learners,” says Sen Gupta. The institute also organizes a lot of research conferences and seminars to promote the projects. placed through these former learners of SIESCOMS. The entrepreneurial acumen gained from all these sources of learning ensures 100 percent placement. The year by year increase in the number of recruiters is the reflection of the sharp molding of managers. In 2016, the institute witnessed 186 companies for recruitment and the merit of the students can be ascertained from the average salary package of Rs 6.79 lakhs with the highest salary package being Rs. 17.5 lakhs for the same.SIESCOMS works to create world class corporate managers who will be able to lead organizations in the current turbulent and tomorrow’s unpredictable environment. “We as a team like to touch the lives of each student & make it different through the very strong value system which flows right from the top management till the front end office bearers” concludes Dr. A.K.Sen Gupta.
Mumbai Institute of the year- 2016