Sripathum University: Creating Unique Learning Opportunities For The Holistic Development Of The Students

By Jorge Arnanz Arroyo, Head - Business Management Department
Jorge Arnanz Arroyo,Head - Business Management Department

Jorge Arnanz Arroyo

Head - Business Management Department

Thailand has been growing into an economic powerhouse owing to the boom of automobile and tourism industries in the country. Thai government has also been investing heavily in the education sector especially the higher education domain to create qualified professionals that can play a major role in the country's development and this is also attracting more students from foreign countries. One educational institution that has been churning out successful professionals that have gone onto make a name for themselves in their respective fields is Sripatum University. The University started its operations fifty years ago with just a school of law and a school of engineering. However, the uniqueness in their teaching methods has helped Sripatum to grow exponentially and today, the University has 14 faculties and schools operating under the banner of Sripatum. As of now, the University has three campuses in Bangkok, KhonKaen, and Chonburi. Sripatum has been leading the front in the higher education realm of Thailand for some time now and the international school of the University has been attracting the attention of international students around the world.

"Sripatum Fully Understands The Importance Of Their Students Acquiring Practical Exposures So That They Will Be Industry-Ready When They Complete Their Education"

Imparting Value-Added Education
Amidst many other educational institutions that prioritize on just offering placement opportunities for the students, Sripatum has been able to differentiate themselves through their value infused education. "The goal of Sripatum was always to offer a unique platform for our students to leverage their development opportunities. Our business management program attracts the majority of our international student population. For the business management program, we offer deep learning and training for our students on
international business scenarios. Now we have created this business management program where the students can choose from nine possible options including international business, marketing, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, hotel management, and MICE management to name some of them. When the students graduate, they will have a bachelor of business administration in business management with specialization in two of the above-mentioned topics", says Jorge Arnanz Arroyo, Head - Business Management department, Sripatum University.

"Sripatum Has Been Leading The Front In The Higher Education Realm Of Thailand For Some Time Now And The International School Of The University Has Been Attracting The Attention Of International Students Around The World"

Sripatum has been accredited by various top authorities and has been constantly rising to the pinnacle of Asian higher education. The University has also been able to custom create an international program completed with internships for the students from a University in Nepal. Currently Sripatum hosts students from various countries including China, Korea, Japan, Germany, Philippines, Nepal, and Pakistan. To make the lives of their international students as smooth as possible, Sripatum has a dedicated Office of International Relationships. The office works closely with the international students and even helps them in their visa processes and assists them to find suitable accommodation. The office is directly controlled by the Vice President of the University and this ensures that the operations are going smoothly. Sripatum also goes an extra mile by assisting their students to choose the most suitable courses for them according to their career aspirations. Adding about the scholarship opportunities offered in the University, Jorge says, "The international students have different scholarship opportunities including various sports scholarships and some of these scholarships cover the entire course fees of their programs. Students with high GPA can also apply for other scholarships after their first year. There are also scholarships for students who are actively performing in the academics and these can be availed after the second year of the course."
Making Students Industry Ready
Sripatum fully understands the importance of their students acquiring practical exposures so that they will be industry-ready when they complete their education. In Sripatum, the students complete their internships in various companies both inside and outside of Thailand. The University uses their industry connections to help students find companies that are the most suitable for doing their internships. Every year, the University conducts various exhibitions and workshops that will offer both the faculty and students of Sripatuman opportunity to keep themselves updated with the latest happenings in the industry. Industry experts regularly visit the campus to interact with the students and share their experiences with them. This interaction is crucial to inculcate the ability to deal with complex business decisions among their students.

With the educational scenario in the Asian countries constantly improving, international students are given the opportunity to come to Thailand for pursuing first-rate higher education. The level of internationalization of Sripatum University has improved a lot over the past few years and now they are better prepared to cater to the needs of international students. The University has also been working on improving their infrastructure that is modern and cutting edge and at the same time offers the students the opportunity to receive personalized care and attention. With Sripatum actively working on improving the research aspect of their education that will enable them to conduct researches on an international level, the timing to join Sripatum has never been better.

Jorge Arnanz Arroyo, Head - Business Management Department
Jorge hails from Spain and he has been working in different fields mainly in the hospitality industry in various countries including Spain and England. He has been working with Sripatum University for five years now as the Head of the Business Management department. His international experience and expertise have been crucial for the recent growth of the University and he is keen on helping the University to grow into one of the most sought after higher education destinations in Asia.
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