ST. Soldier Law College: Empowering Students Through Innovative Teaching Pedagogies & Student-Centric Learning Practices

By Prof (DR.) S.C Sharma, Director
ST. Soldier Law College: Empowering Students Through Innovative Teaching Pedagogies & Student-Centric Learning Practices
Prof (DR.) S.C Sharma,Director Law education in India is constantly evolving with institutes across the country working on equipping the students with the necessary practical skills required to thrive in their careers. Established in 2004, St. Soldier Law College is one pioneering institute that operates with a vision to offer sustained quality education with modern tools for excellence in professional and social life. The institute is part of the prestigious St. Soldier Educational Society which over¬sees the operations of 23 colleges of different streams and 33 Public Schools, spread in various parts of Punjab State. As a whole, the educational institutions under the society educate more than 40,000 students.

Through the education it offers, St. Soldier Law College aspires to equip students with all skills essential for high-quality legal profession, to groom its students in a family environment for meeting the challenges of Indian Society and as lawyers, judges, and company managers, to develop an urge for higher aspirations in life and learn continuously therefore, and to liaise with reputed institutions of Higher Learning and Profession¬al Employment.

Nurturing Industry-ready Professionals
To cater to the varied requirements of its students, St. Soldier Law College has created an impressive program portfolio that includes BBA LLB, B Com LLB, BA LLB (five years), LLB (three years), and PG Diploma Cyber Law. Aside from normal programs, the institute also offers a plethora of value-added courses which not only provide additional opportunities for students to expand their knowledge but it also allows greater flexibility in learning.

The focus given to studentcentric learning is further showcased in the effort put in by the institute to work closely with the students to understand their career aspirations, identify their skills, develop them, and guide them in the right direction.
St. Soldier Law College even conducts a one-hour professional practice class daily that specifically focuses on helping students prepare for the area of their choice and help them realize their true potential. As one of the pioneers in legal education, the institute also prepares its students to become judges aside from normal law programs.

When asked about the unique learning opportunities offered by the institute to make its students industry-ready, Prof (DR.) S.C Sharma, Director, St. Soldier Law College states “We do feel that in the present day, higher education cannot be successful unless it prepares the students for the challenges that they will face in the industry.

We have made deliberate efforts through tie-ups and leverage our connections across multiple industry verticals to help our students gain valuable industry knowledge.

We also have guest faculty from the industry including multiple high court judges, sessions judges, senior advocates, and others who hold positions in the management side. Through this, we aspire to ensure constant industry exposure to our students”. Aside from this, St. Soldier Law College gives major emphasis on industry internships and its students do their internships after each semester examination.

Helping Students to Succeed in Their Lives
Providing best-in-class legal education to students who come from the lower strata of the society including those who come from rural areas and help them be successful in their lives is one of the important goals for St. Soldier Law College and to ensure this, the institute offers plethora of scholarship opportunities to its students.

Adding more about it, Prof (DR.) S.C Sharma says “Even with limited resources, we are able to produce impressive results consistently and by doing so, we are able to help those who are in need. We consider our students as valuable assets and they have limitless potential.

To help them reach their career aspirations without having to worry about the financial aspect of higher education, we offer myriad of scholarship opportunities to them.
For students who are from SC/ST community, no fees will be charged for their education. Aside from this, we also offer meritorious scholarships to our students and many of our students are even ranked amongst the best in the university. The management also funds scholarships for students who come from financially challenging backgrounds”. Apart from this, the institute also provides free transportation facilities for students who even reside far away.

St. Soldier Law College aims for the holistic development of its students and it conducts regular workshops and seminars to improve its student’s problem-solving skills. The college has won two runners up trophies in university youth festivals, and its teams have participated in inter university youth fests as well.

When it comes to sports, St. Soldier Law College’s Basket Ball, Bad Minton and women Kabaddi teams have won many positions in various tournaments. One of its students have even won Gold in inter university National Competitions 2023.

”St. Soldier Law College is one pioneering institute which operates with a vision to offer sustained quality education with modern tools for excellence in professional and social life”

Also, St. Soldier Law College, through its national moot court competitions, help its students to compete with and learn from some of the best students from the top law colleges in the country. All this has helped its students to reach for greater heights and as of now, the institute also holds 60 percent of university positions.

Evolving with the changing times, St. Soldier Law College aspires to continue its development and ensure that its students enter the professional world seamlessly. The institute wants to focus more on student placements in the coming years, compete with the other national law universities and expand its horizons.

Prof (DR.) S.C Sharma, Director
This pioneering educator aspires to create an inclusive learning environment which promotes the individual growth of each student and motivates them to be a passionate learner.
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