Swiss Educational College: Excelling In Hospitality Education With Vision & Dedication

By Dr. Amin Khandaker, Founder
Swiss Educational College: Excelling In Hospitality Education With Vision & Dedication
Dr. Amin Khandaker,Founder According to a report published by Unilever, the global hospitality industry is worth nearly $4.7 trillion in 2023, with forecasts predicting 23.8 percent in growth over the next four years. This has also boosted the demand for hospitality education across the world. There has been an emergence of various hospitality education establishments which are dedicated to providing students with the kind of education that is aligned with the changing trends of the industry.

Speaking about hospitality education, Switzerland has always been at the top of the list. Swiss hospitality is renowned around the world which is the reason why the country has the most number of globally popular hospitality schools. The idea here is to prepare students not only in the theory based knowledge, but also to make them implement the same in the industry.

Swiss Educational College stands out as one of the reputable hospitality schools in this regard. It follows the a “six classics” education program that subjects the candidates for six months of theory based learning followed by a six month long paid internship. This is followed by the college for every student in every year until graduation.

The college’s motto is to provide 360 degree learning experience to all the students. Apart from the core hospitality courses, it also offers several co-curricular courses that help the students understand more prospects in life. “Within the four years of graduation, two years of theory based learning programs are provided and two years of paid internship is also included.
The benefit for all the students is that by the time they finish graduation, all of them already have two years of certified industry experience. This gives them the added edge among the entire community of aspirants throughout the world. The ‘six classics’ framework that is specific to Swiss hospitality education has been game changing in this regard”, mentions Dr. Amin Khandaker, Founder, Swiss Educational College.

Excellence Within
The infrastructure and education programs play a significant role in positioning an educational establishment in the industry. In this regard, Swiss Educational College has left no stone unturned in creating the most advanced set up for hospitality education in Switzerland. The college has a dedicated kitchen lab wherein any kind of culinary experimentation facility is available for the students.

Apart from the core hospitality program, the college also offers a diploma in culinary arts. Secondly, the college has developed a food and beverage lab which has been very helpful in providing hospitality education to students. “We are able to change the setup of this lab according to our requirements and make our students learn the specifics of subject from a fine dining restaurant to a five star hotel”, states Dr. Khandaker.

Swiss Educational College is also equipped with its own housekeeping lab where students are given a first-hand idea about the concepts of hygiene and cleanliness. Through this program all the students are able to immensely benefit with their understanding of do’s and don’ts in this line of work. The institution is also dedicated towards personal branding and development of its students.

It enables them to think freely and get motivated by the dreams that they want to achieve.
“Our students are working as managers for reputable organizations and many of them have turned out to be entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. As an institution, our goal is to understand which way a student wants to go and we will do our best to make them achieve their goals in life”, he adds.

”Swiss Educational College has left no stone unturned in creating the most advanced set up for hospitality education in Switzerland”

The college believes in active participation of students in industry activities. This is the reason why every Friday is considered to be an event day at the institution. The students are taken to factory visits and visit to various popular business establishments so that hands-on experience on industry activities could be provided to them.

Swiss Educational College believes that only through practical experience will the students be properly educated on every subject exact understanding of the beauty of hospitality educated can be inculcated in them.

The Road Ahead
Swiss Educational College has become a recognized name in hospitality education in Switzerland and globally. Students from different nationalities have been successfully educated in various hospitality programs by the institution.

Here, it is worth mentioning that many Indian students have been a part of this institution and are now placed in very good positions in the industry. “Going ahead, we would like to concentrate more on improving the internal quality of the institution and prepare industry ready professionals in the coming years”, concludes Dr. Khandaker.
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