Sri. C.C Thampi,Chairman, Cheruvathur Foundation

Sri. C.C Thampi

Chairman, Cheruvathur Foundation

Aconstituent institution of Cheruvathur foundation, Thejus College of Architecture was established in the year 2014 aims to meet the emerging challenges in the industry of Architecture. “Being a young institution, we have the vigour and vitality of a start-up. This is partly because most of our faculty members are relatively young and therefore most of us are at the peak of our creative life,” exclaims Sri. C.C Thampi, Chairman, Thejus College of Architecture. The institute portrays a dynamic form of learning, which encourages students to learn the skills and knowledge before their plunge towards their career. “We create the professional manpower for tomorrow by stimulating the gift of imagination, sense of aesthetics and sharpness inherent in each student,” adds Sri. C.C.Thampi. There is an old proverb, which says, “It takes a village to educate a child”. It means that a child should be given multiple avenues to develop through interactions with multiple individuals from whom he or she may imbibe numerous skills, characteristics, ethics and worldviews. Each individual in every community is therefore re- sponsible for nurturing a child into a well-developed adult capable of taking care of himself and his community.
Believing in this philosophy, Thejus College of Architecture has created a similar space for students regarding the qualities and responsibilities of their faculty members. “Through our strong pool of faculty members, we teach the students how to execute design projects with creativity and practicality,” mentions Prof. Suboth Thomas. Based on the understanding that the professional scope of Architecture is quite wide and diverse; Thejus College of Architecture imparts all the necessary skills and professional training in making the students truly global professionals. The institute has spared no efforts to understand emerging trends in professional education and to implement them in their mode of teaching with sensitivity towards the needs of the society as well. The institute also has a survey lab with three Total station equipments to train the students in the science of Surveying. One of the highlights of the Lab facilities is the 3D visualization Lab which is being developed as an immersive Virtual Reality environment along with 3D projection system.

This VR lab will be probably the first amongst any Architecture Colleges in India. The Resource centre has been specially equipped with a double extrusion Flashforge 3D printer by which the student is free to get
realistic models of any design they come up with. This is where dream becomes reality. Thejus College of Architecture believes that architects are primarily “thinkers”- It is their job to conceive spaces and forms as ideas before they transfer them onto paper as drawings to be later built accordingly by skilled craftsmen.
Conception is a mental exercise and can happen only when the individual is happy, well informed and inspired. Thejus College of Architecture has a very good mix of theoretical orientations, modes of practice, working style, varying skill sets and above all a cosmopolitan work culture. The faculty members are graduates from reputed institutions and, most of them hold Postgraduate degrees from institutions such as CET, IIT, SPA(Delhi), CEPT and Anna University. “This smorgasbord of flavours is very important to any institution, which thinks progressively and which values innovation.

To increase and ease the employability of students, Thejus College of Architecture has a designated Authorised
Training and Certification an Autodesk design centre of excellence, under agreement with KKMSoft, Chennai. Here the students of TCA can get trained and certified along with project experience through Autodesk USA
Thejus College of Architecture intends to start Master’s and Doctoral degree programs in the near future and also plans to conduct summer school sessions with other premier institutions and Universities abroad and in India so as to start exchange programs, summer schools, internships and so on. They believe all this would raise the bar way above and drive the Institute forward to being one amongst the top ten institutions offering Architectural Education in India.
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