Dr. Gretty Villena,Teacher & Researcher At Renacyt Leading Research In The Field Of Fermentation Development

Dr. Gretty Villena

Teacher & Researcher At Renacyt Leading Research In The Field Of Fermentation Development

Peru boasts a vibrant higher education environment, with a diverse array of universities and colleges catering to various fields of study. Among these institutions, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM) stands out as a beacon of academic excellence. Situated in the district of La Molina in Lima, The UNALM is renowned for its exceptional contribution to agricultural sciences and technology.

Established in 1902 as the National School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, it showcases a rich history of dedication to the advancement of agricultural education and research in Peru. In 1960, it attained university status through University Law 13417 and was officially renamed Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina.

UNALM’s commitment to academic rigor and innovation has solidified its reputation as a premier institution within the realm of agricultural studies. Through its comprehensive programs and state-of-the-art facilities, UNALM nurtures generations of agricultural professionals while spearheading ground-breaking research initiatives to address pressing challenges in the agricultural sector.

With a legacy spanning over a century, UNALM remains at the forefront of the higher education landscape in Peru and is poised to shape the future of agricultural development and technological innovation in the region and beyond.

“The UNALM is dedicated to providing society with top-tier professional training in the fields of agro-silviculture, fisheries, food, and economics. Our academic community is committed to fostering excellence in education, research, and innovation, while adhering to ethical principles and social and environmental responsibility. UNALM offers several academic programs, including 12 undergraduate, 28 master’s and 8 doctoral programs,that span various disciplines within the agricultural sciences. Graduates from UNALM are known for their expertise and dedication to the agricultural sector.
Through both basic and applied research, we strive to generate knowledge, develop skills, and promote social progress, contributing to the sustainable development of our nation”, speaks Edwin Mellisho Salas, Ph.D., Professor Principal, Research Management Directorate, and Vice-Rectorate for Research.

"UNALM envisions becoming a leading institution that is internationally recognized for its academic quality due to the impact of its research & contribution to the sustainable development of society"

Pioneering Advances in Agricultural Sciences
In 2023, UNALM earned accolades from the QS World University Ranking and Times Higher Education, ranking as one of the top public institutions for higher education in Peru. The university community comprises approximately 6,000 students and 535 faculty members, including 180 researchers recognized by the National Registry of Researchers.

UNALM actively engages in research, managing 40 projects financed by competitive funds, such as PROCIENCIA, PROINNOVATE, FONTAGRO, IAEA, USDA and GIZ. Over the past decade, these efforts have resulted in the publication of more than 2,089 scientific articles across disciplines, demonstrating UNALM’s commitment to advancing knowledge and addressing agricultural challenges.

Furthermore, UNALM is dedicated to innovation, with 36 intellectual property applications and 22 patent applications filed between 2017 and 2023.

These patents encompass diverse innovations, including an intelligent irrigation system, a plasmid library construction method, a semi-continuous debittering system for grains, an ergonomic manual firewood cutting device, a two-phase anaerobic digestion system for wastewater treatment and a portable cocoa fermenter. These inventions underscore UNALM’s dedication to research and its mission to generate practical solutions for agricultural development.

Committed to Academic Excellence
UNALM aspires to be a leading institution that is internationally recognized for its academic quality, the impact of its research and its contribution to the sustainable development of society.
UNALM hosts four distinguished research institutes: the Institute of Food Safety, the Research Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the Institute of Sustainable Small Production and the Institute of Biotechnology. These institutes are dedicated to fostering knowledge, promoting technological innovation, and advancing the agricultural sector. Additionally, they strive to bring out highly qualified professionals in agricultural sciences.

UNALM’s mission is to cultivate an academic community dedicated to delivering top-tier professional training across sectors, including agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food and economics. Emphasizing academic excellence, innovative research and social outreach, it operates within a framework grounded in ethical principles and environmental stewardship.

Through the holistic education of graduates, UNALM aims to cultivate specialized professionals and foster young people gifted in research. In 2016, UNALM’s Vice-Rector for Research introduced the ‘Regulations for the Formation and Validation of Research Circles’ via Resolution No. 411-2016 CU-UNALM. This framework empowers students from diverse faculties to actively participate in research, thus fostering interest in science and technology. Presently, UNALM boasts 96 research circles.

Furthermore, collaboration in research groups is encouraged, and the need for multidisciplinary approaches to address national challenges is emphasized. These groups, comprising a minimum of two experienced faculty members engaged in research projects, contribute to a spectrum of scientific outputs, including books and articles. Currently, UNALM has 91 registered research groups.

With a vision to attain international recognition for the impactful nature of its research and with its contribution to sustainable development across domains that encompass education and social spheres, UNALM serves as a cornerstone for the advancement and empowerment of agriculture in Peru.

With its comprehensive approach, unwavering commitment to academic excellence and research and adaptability to present and future challenges, UNALM stands as a preeminent institution in the agricultural domain on the national and international fronts.
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