University Of Charleston: Nurturing Excellence Through Innovation & Industry Collaboration

By Dr. Marty Roth, President
University Of Charleston: Nurturing Excellence Through Innovation & Industry Collaboration
Dr. Marty Roth,President

Dr. Marty Roth


The University of Charleston is innovatively promoting excellence through industry collaboration and a focus on analytics, business, and technical education, reflecting its commitment to data-driven decision-making across various sectors. With a rich history dating back to 1888, UC offers a global learning environment with a wide variety of academic programs. It has students from 45 different countries and is the most diverse campus in the state of West Virginia. International students enjoy personal attention while also becoming part of a truly global community.

The UC business analytics program provides a broad-based business education with quantitative data analysis skill development for solving business-related issues. The program also promotes real-world applications through internships and collaborative industry projects.

In addition to its business analytics program, the University of Charleston offers education through its various schools, including Arts and Sciences, Business, Health Sciences, Leadership, and Pharmacy. This diverse range of options reflects a comprehensive approach to education, providing students with a well-rounded learning experience and preparing them for success in their chosen fields. The University's adaptability, with on-campus and online classes makes it accessible to a broad audience of aspiring professionals. Students can benefit from the institution's historical foundation while embracing the cutting-edge opportunities presented by the dynamic fields of data and business analytics.

Preparing Future-Equipped Leaders
The business analytics program at the University of Charleston stands out through its combination of coursework and practical application, where students gain proficiency in data analysis, statistical modeling, data visualization and predictive analytics.

This approach provides students with a solid data analytics foundation while offering specific business-related opportunities in which they can apply their knowledge. The university actively promotes collaboration between students and faculty, encouraging the development of analytics products for business and research purposes.

"The landscapes of education and industry are constantly evolving. At UC, we embrace this change with a vibrant array of program enhancements.
Our curriculum is woven with the newest analytical tools and programming languages, designed to arm our students with cutting-edge skills. We've seen our students thrive in internships, collaborating with industry mentors, and gleaning wisdom from the frontlines of their fields. We are committed to research and innovation, as our faculty guide students in uncovering data-driven insights, often showcased in prestigious journals and forums. Our students are equipped and experienced to enter the workforce at very high levels," says University of Charleston President Dr. Marty Roth.

The University of Charleston has also established partnerships with businesses across various sectors. Business analytics students can intern with major international technology-related companies, collaborate with app developers, and undertake statistical projects for government and non-profit organizations. Alongside these internships, the classes integrate real-world examples and projects tailored to individual students' goals.

Those seeking additional exposure to data analytics beyond the classroom participate in research labs focusing on data analytics and computer science. Notably, after completing internships, some students continue their data collaboration with businesses, contributing to developing analytic products to solve real-world problems and securing permanent positions with these organizations post-graduation.

Commitment to Innovation & Comprehensive Student Resources
The University of Charleston is committed to offering its students comprehensive resources and continuously strives to modernize and enhance its infrastructure. Recent developments include state-of-the-art simulation and virtual reality lags, athletic facilities, and the extensive renovation of campus dining services, presenting students with a diverse range of nutritious and convenient dining options. Furthermore, establishing a Downtown Innovation Hub aims to provide relevant training and education while fostering connections between UC and the broader Charleston entrepreneurial community.

Faculty members at the University of Charleston who teach data analytics courses are also proficient in instructing computer science, mathematics, and business courses.

The University of Charleston ensures that its business analytics faculty possess expertise across multiple fields. Furthermore, each faculty member brings real-world industry experience and contributes to scholarly publications, enriching the academic environment with practical insights and up-to-date knowledge.
Fostering a Path to Success
The University of Charleston regularly engages with industry professionals to explore internship prospects for its students.

A crucial aspect of this collaboration is the valuable feedback received regarding the students' performance and identifying any areas of knowledge that could enhance their preparedness for respective positions. In response to this feedback, the University of Charleston adapts projects and assignments to align with current industry requirements.

The University of Charleston takes pride in offering a high-quality and affordable education, providing academic scholarships to in-seat, four-year undergraduate students based on their cumulative grade point average.

The scholarship amount, which can be as high as $20,000 covering tuition, housing, and food for on-campus residents, depends on the student's academic achievements.

Additional scholarships are available for participation in programs such as the Innovation Scholars program or Honors College, as well as for involvement in choir or band and for demonstrating exceptional leadership and community engagement.

Located in the Capital City
The university is in Charleston, the capital city of West Virginia with a greater MSA population of about 250,000. It’s large enough to offer plenty of interesting options and small enough so that it is easy to navigate. There are many multicultural events throughout the year.

The university calls itself Charleston’s University not just because its riverfront location is directly across from the WV state capitol complex and downtown Charleston but because UC students are welcomed as part of the community.

Students can take advantage of all the location offers, including opportunities for internships and community service. West Virginia offers beautiful, mountainous scenery, a temperate climate (with four distinct seasons), and lots of recreational opportunities.

Students study in safety on this smaller campus, surrounded by peaceful neighborhoods. Security is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide students, staff, and visitors with a safe and enjoyable campus. "Imagine a campus where every sunrise brings new possibilities, where innovation meets tradition, and where your potential is not just recognized but actively nurtured.

Welcome to the University of Charleston, a beacon of excellence in the heart of West Virginia, where we craft data science wizards, business leaders, and industry pioneers from eager minds like yours", shares Dr. Roth.
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