University Of Houston-Clear Lake: A Beacon Of Quality Learning & Progress

By Edward R. Waller, Dean
University Of Houston-Clear Lake: A Beacon Of Quality Learning & Progress
Edward R. Waller,Dean Having educated over 66,000 leaders from various corners of the world, the University of Houston-Clear Lake was established in 1974 to aid in the training of NASA personnel. Situated in Texas, just a brief five-mile distance from the Johnson Space Center and nestled within a 524-acre natural reserve, UHCL offers a wealth of advantages to its students and the local community owing to its close proximity to diverse ecosystems and technological advancements.

With four colleges specializing in business, computer science and engineering, education, as well as human sciences and humanities, UHCL provides access to exceptional faculty. The university offers multiple STEM-accredited degree programs, enabling students to delve into research, internships, and secure job placements through the extensive connections UHCL has fostered with private industries and government entities.

UHCL extends a warm invitation to the community to engage in scholarly pursuits through its various centers and institutes such as the Environmental Institute of Houston, Cyber Security Institute, Center for Robotics Software, Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Center for Educational Programs, and Center for Executive Education.

Management courses offered at the University of Houston-Clear Lake focus on honing interpersonal skills, fostering decision-making abilities, and nurturing entrepreneurship. Graduates with a Bachelor's or Master's in Management from UHCL can apply these acquired skills across a spectrum of areas including personnel management, organizational behavior, production, international and small business, healthcare, government agencies, financial institutions, hospitality, retail, or education. The versatile nature of management skills makes them highly relevant across virtually every industry and sector.

Empowering Students for the Future
The University of Houston-Clear Lake, in conjunction with its College of Business, initiates robust support for student career development through various channels. Their approach encompasses course preparation, faculty-to-industry connections, and collaboration with the institution's career services. At UHCL, the focus extends beyond mere education; it's a hub dedicated to assisting students and alumni in securing the careers they've diligently prepared for, facilitated by the dedicated support of Career Services.

This comprehensive support system includes a spectrum of job-oriented services, ranging from co-operative education programs, career fairs, mock interviews, to personalized career decision-making and career counseling. These services are available both online and in person, catering to diverse student needs.

Career Services actively promotes its offerings throughout the year via tabling events, emails, social media engagement, job fairs, classroom
presentations, and the utilization of Navigate— an invaluable free app designed to aid students in managing their college life efficiently. The collaborative efforts between the College of Business and Career Services aim to provide tailored guidance, ensuring students make informed and personalized career choices.

Transformative Learning & Career Development
Enrolling at the University of Houston-Clear Lake transcends merely pursuing a degree; it represents a transformative journey where students cultivate critical thinking and turn their innovative visions into tangible realities. The institution goes beyond offering an array of degree programs; it actively nurtures student success through internships, co-operative education programs, and a supportive network of faculty and administrators.

UHCL stands committed to propelling its graduates into the professional sphere by providing enriching experiential learning opportunities and a direct pathway to the job market, all geared towards enhancing career prospects.

The College of Business at the University of Houston- Clear Lake consistently garners recognition for the exceptional quality of its degree programs. The key driving force behind this acclamation is UHCL’s faculty, comprising active business professionals deeply committed to student success, which equips individuals with the necessary tools to become indispensable leaders capable of bringing people and projects together—a pivotal role of a business manager.

Students have the privilege to learn from experts spanning various domains, including financial information systems, earnings management, non-profit, accounting, organizational development, global entrepreneurship, environmental policy, corporate social responsibility, healthcare marketing, e-commerce, and portfolio management. These mentors are steadfastly dedicated to ensuring student success, paving the way for education that directly translates into employment opportunities.

The university's robust infrastructure provides a foundation for experiential learning both on and off campus, notably through its Cooperative Education Program (Co-op) and Internships. These structured programs seamlessly integrate classroom education with supervised work experiences, where students gain practical insights aligned with their areas of study.

Co-op participants are enrolled in credit-bearing courses and engage in paid positions relevant to their academic pursuits. Each college department within UHCL offers various experiential learning avenues, empowering students to gain field-specific experience, academic credit, professional skills, networking opportunities, and increased prospects for permanent job placements.

Furthermore, the Co-op and internship programs offer invaluable support to students, including resume and cover letter critiques, mock interviews, job search strategies, and essential tools for securing Co-op positions. The personalized guidance provided by Co-op Coordinators ensures consistent communication between enrolled students, their employers, and supervisors, fostering a conducive learning environment and professional growth.
Ultimately, the University of Houston-Clear Lake stands as a beacon for holistic education, preparing students not just for academic success, but for flourishing careers grounded in practical experience and industry connections.

Charting the Path to Future
UHCL stands as an integral pillar within its surrounding region, actively contributing through applied and fundamental research endeavors. The university is deeply engaged in community involvement and professional services, crucially bolstering both the economic progress and the overall quality of life in the area.

Recognizing the pivotal role of a robust educational institution in fostering regional industries' success, UHCL remains steadfastly committed to fortifying and expanding programs within the College of Business. Additionally, the implementation of certificate programs aims to bridge the gap between academia and practical work experiences, catering directly to industry needs.

The University of Houston-Clear Lake is charting a transformative path forward! Its comprehensive framework, the Impact 2025 and Beyond Strategic Plan, embodies UHCL’s collective vision for a dynamic future encompassing student, students, faculty, staff, the community, and the global landscape. This strategic roadmap serves as a real-time guidepost, delineating UH-Clear Lake's focal areas, goals, and overall trajectory for the upcoming five years.

Deliberate and purposeful, this plan is instrumental in steering student success and positioning UHCL as a vanguard of innovative thought. It fosters collaborative pathways with community partners, nurturing an inclusive culture on campus and across the region.

"Employing a phased implementation approach, our strategic plan aims to elevate UHCL's standing, aspiring to secure a ranking among the top 25 public regional comprehensive universities in the western United States (as per US News and World Reports rankings). The College of Business Strategic Plan aligns seamlessly with the institution's core values, emphasizing a learner-centric environment, innovation, resilience, integrity, transformation, service, and sustainability.

This alignment ensures that our strategic pursuits within the College of Business remain attuned to fostering an environment conducive to learning, adaptability, and ethical leadership, contributing to the university's overarching mission of excellence", shares Edward R. Waller, Dean.

Edward R. Waller, Dean
Edward R. Waller, an expert in commercial bank management and finance, assumed the role of Dean at the College of Business in 2017 after serving as Associate Dean and Finance Professor. In this capacity, he oversees accreditation efforts, faculty/ staff evaluations, and manages the College's Center for Executive Education.

Waller, a UH-Clear Lake faculty member since 1993, holds a Ph.D. from Arizona State University, along with Master's and Bachelor's degrees from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research spans financial markets, institution management, corporate finance, and international finance, and he is affiliated with the Financial Management Association International.
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