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A Believer Who Fought Against the Odds

Author : Riya Das, Assistant Editor

Riya Das

Rachana Bagde, Founder G for Gestures

Rachna Bagde is a 21-year-old zealous and energetic girl from the hills of Jammu and Kashmir who is creating a miracle by merging Gesture Technology and Virtual reality.

Born in the �heaven on earth" Jammu and Kashmir, Rachna Bagde was a quiet and obedient child in her early stages. She used to perform well academically alongside participating in a lot of extracurricular activities. But, later she grew up as a jolly, active and a fun-loving person who likes to take risks, living a life with never dying urge to do something different from the crowd and achieving something really big. On the education front, after completing her 12th standard exams in 2013, she settled to pursue a dual degree course in Information Technology at ABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management.

"Since college days, I developed the interest in machine learning and consequently underwent a number of certificate courses online", says Rachana. Later, she did an internship in three different firms, where she created several interesting projects, gaining knowledge in Gesture technology and Virtual reality. The craving of achieving something prompted her to explore this area and perform applied research on the requirements in order to generate the product.

Starting an entrepreneurship journey at a young age doesn't attract many. But, for Rachana, it was all about taking and managing risk that will eventually help prepare for bigger challenges in both personal and professional life.

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August 2018

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