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An Innovative Higher Education System

Author : Dr Shantha Liyanage , Professor, University of Technology Sydney

Dr  Shantha Liyanage

Dr Shantha Liyanage , Professor University of Technology Sydney

The national education landscape is littered with many organizational types belonging to both private and public sectors. Different organizational types have emerged adopting different approaches to teaching and learning. With the advent of the internet of things and digital technologies, how we teach and learn in institutions has changed drastically.

The education sector is an enormous business with tentacles spreading from tools of teaching, learning, assessment, curriculum development to new pedagogies, learning spaces and engaging students for effective and authentic learning. This made the education system quite complex in terms of educational services, assessment of learning and regulation of educational institutions. In a complex world of education, the processes of governing higher education sector are equally complicated. Critical management issues impacting on the quality education, research commercialization processes, governance of higher education institutions need constant review and adjustment.

An integrated system approach is required for effective action and organizational responses that enhance credible and ethical delivery of educational services. Higher education institutions have an obligation to provide relevant and credible education for all students. Three major challenges governing higher education system are organizational, methodological and procedural issues.

Changing Organizational Requirements

One of the main challenges for educational institutions is to retain scholarly traditions while forging relationships with industry to make students industry ready. Students must gain the latest knowledge while acquiring transferable skills to deal with changing global changes. The primary objective of all higher education institutions should be to prepare students with relevant knowledge and skills that are pertinent to real-world needs.


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