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Careers with Aviation Major

Author : Prof. Satish Shenoy, HOD - Aeronautical & Automobile Engineering, Manipal Institute of Technology

Prof. Satish Shenoy

Prof. Satish Shenoy, HOD - Aeronautical & Automobile Engineering Manipal Institute of Technology

Having an undergraduate degree in aviation is often considered as first step towards entry into air travel industry. Majoring in aviation prepares person for variety of employment whether a person would like to fly onboard or employment in air travel industry at ground level. Now a days many top business schools in the world including west, Europe and even India offers courses in Aerospace management courses, a popular choice among youngsters.

A degree in aviation frequently includes courses on economics, airport planning, aviation law, safety and so on. So, it would be unfair to assume that if a person earns a degree in Aviation as a major, he or she is entitled to become a pilot. Not true! In fact, you are eligible for a number of career options in different sectors of air travel industry and with aviation as a major you potentially may be more attractive to employers. If a person want to be a pilot then definitely an aviation degree will, of course be of extreme benefit. Here are some of the most important employment/jobs a person can opt after attaining a degree with aviation major. In general, Aviation jobs require knowledge from all specialization of aviation sector.

If a person want to be a pilot then definitely an aviation degree will, of course be of extreme benefit.

1. If you want to become a pilot, you have to essentially attend a pilot training institute approved by the Govt. statutory bodies. Having a degree in aviation before entering ensures that you will learn more than just how to fly.

2. Air traffic controller is yet another career in front of you but is very stressful and potentially exhausting job. If you are considering this as your career option then the best way is to study the aviation program, which is affiliated to a national or international authority so that you can bypass some of their requirement for air traffic controller training.

3. This one is the job in airline operations in air transportation industry. Being an airline manager is a challenging but interesting career for which you should consider aviation management as a major. It may also be airport administrator or industry analyst.


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