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Chartered Accountant: Virtus Academy

Author : HER Team

HER Team

Karthikeyan R and Santhoshni, Founders Virtus Academy

There is a common notion among the youngsters that clearing Chartered Accountants (CA) examination involves hardships. Breaking this stereotype in 2015, two young Chartered Accountants, Karthikeyan R and Santhoshni M R founded Virtus Academy, an ideal platform to streamline the preparation of the aspiring CA. "Being CA ourselves, we are aware of the turmoil a student goes through before deciding on taking up CA as a career option. We are here to guide the students towards the right career path and erasing their fear," says Karthikeyan R, Co-Founder, Virtus Academy.

The Virtus Academy strives to sustain the quality of the students rather than focusing on the quantity part.

The Virtus Academy strives to sustain the quality of the students rather than focusing on the quantity part. "We are determined to render concepts based learning to the students, which would help them in the long term, instead of encouraging them to search for alternatives," mentions Santhoshni M R, Co-Founder, Virtus Academy. With this teaching pedagogy, the academy is classified into two divisions' viz. Integrated CA Coaching and Test batch. The Integrated CA coaching division strengthens the base of the students who are preparing for their boards and commence classes for Accounting, Mathematics and Economics during their 11th and 12th standard, making sure that each student holds a strong foundation. Once the students complete their board exams, they will be given training for CA-foundation.
Post this; the students are encouraged to attempt the test batches in the form of model exams which helps them to prepare themselves to confront with the real-time exams by learning time management techniques and presentation. "We have a dedicated CA expert team who evaluates the answer sheets of the students and mark their mistakes, only to return them the same along with a personal counseling", adds Karthikeyan. The counseling session appreciably assist the students to learn from their mistakes and are motivated by the counselors to do better in the final exams. Virtus Academy provides specialized training to science background students who have chosen CA as their career, helping the science students to catch up with their commerce peers.

However, the faculty members who are an integral part of the academy are fueled with experience and expertise to construct the bright future of the aspirants. The founders of the academy invest a substantial amount of time before appointing a teacher, who is considered as the driver of the student's journey during the course. "We do not support lengthy and monotonous classes. Students should be given time for self-study carrying the knowledge provided by the teachers in the classes," shares Santhoshni.

Maintaining a student-teacher ratio of 1:30, the Virtus Academy confirms maximum interaction in the classes. The academy's sheer determination and consistency to provide the best for the students is observable by the distinguished success rate of the students. "Our expert CA team mentors students about their performance and counseled regularly to rectify the student's mistake. We help our students to stick to their study plans and handholds till their exam," adds Santhoshni.


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