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Cloud-based PMS is the way forward for hotels in India

Author : Aditya Sanghi, CEO, Hotelogix

Aditya Sanghi

Aditya Sanghi, CEO Hotelogix

In today's digital era, we have seen paradigm shift in the entire travel ecosystem. Increasing number of travellers are booking hotels via online channels and even on mobiles on the go. They expect value for money and personalized & faster services from a hotel. Moreover, most of them consider reviews (feedback written by other guests) as 'very important' while making reservation at hotels.
The above change in guest behaviour has forced hotels to act smart, too. In order to live up to guests' expectations, they need to ensure that they are available on popular online channels – in short, they should appear on a potential guest's search results. They also have to garner positive reviews from their guests. Additionally, they must leverage several other technology platforms to offer best-in-class services to their guests in order to earn their loyalty.

Last year in 2017, SaaS business grew at the rate of around 33 percent (year-on-year) in India

So, here is the big question – how would they ensure all these? And, the answer is – a cloud-based Hotel Property Management System (Hotel PMS). But, then what's wrong with on-premise Hotel PMS? Well, it is not simply built to help hotels run their business in this digital era. Here are some problems that a hotel is sure to face with on-premise/server-based PMS

• Large upfront CAPEX
• Long deployment period
• No instant ROI


July 2018

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