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Education and Collaboration in the Global Era

Author : Dr. Djuwari, Head of Research Journal Division, STIE Perbanas Surabaya - Indonesia

Dr. Djuwari

Dr. Djuwari, Head of Research Journal Division STIE Perbanas Surabaya - Indonesia

Education and collaboration among the universities, colleges, and schools can be of a great strategy, in terms of equality in education. In addition, no one in the globe can deny the importance of education. I always reiterated this statement in a keynote speech, in front of the alumni of American University of Sovereign Nations /AUSN, in Bataan, Manila 2016. Most of the leaders of the nations in the world always assert that education be the sole factor for improving the nations' lives in any dimensions.

The leaders can be either the national leaders, regional leaders, or even the local leaders. They talk a lot about it in their vision and mission. For example, education is always asserted in any program of the presidential election. During the campaign, the candidates also promote their vision and mission in front of the spectators. One of the topic being spoken during the campaign is the education program. In the Philippines, the candidates also mentioned the topic about education program. In my country, Indonesia, during the presidential campaign, the candidates also stated the program about education.

When considering the importance of education, we can judge that the nations throughout the world need education as the basic necessity. However, the world public is in divergence. People living in the USA can be different from those living in other countries. In Asia, Africa, Australia, and, Europa, and in the USA, all the people need education. But, the systems and the infrastructures can be in different qualities.

In order that the world public can get the same level of education quality, collaboration among the nations is salient. Universities, colleges, and secondary schools among the nations in different countries can start initiating educational collaboration. The systems and the process of education are the two aspects in education that require attention.

The systems and the process of education are the two aspects in education that require attention.

When the collaboration is initiated, there are some aspects to be discussed before the process of the collaboration in the field. First of all, the social, cultural, and psychological values can be taken into account (Djuwari's speech in Asia Summit on Higher Education in Singapore 2015). This is the first step when any universities, colleges, or schools start to have collaboration. Each university, college, or school has their own unique vision and mission. Behind their vision and mission, there are values they have to keep.


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