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International Universities: Think Twice before Choosing One

Author : Sarath Shyam, Managing Editor, The Higher Education Review

Sarath Shyam

Sarath Shyam, Managing Editor

For many intellectuals around the world, India's growing youth population has been a favorite topic to discuss. With major countries like the US, UK, South Korea, Japan and even China aging, it is true that the streets of Indian towns, even its villages, are full of energetic people who are in their 20s. Now, the question is, how can we harness the potential of the youngsters in our country to become a world leader in future? The answer is simple; provide mainstream education or vocational training, not only to the people living in urbanized areas, but also to the deprived population who are struggling to make a better living, only because they stay in some of the darkest and disconnected places in the country.

Appreciably, the Government of India could make a difference in the past decade when it comes to providing access to the education. Doubling from 14 million in 2007 to 28 million in 2013, the participation in higher education has expanded enormously. As we expect around 119 million student-aged Indians by 2025, which would be the largest in the world by that time, we do not doubt about the capacity of our higher education system. However, many of our universities and institutes are incapable of taking this massive workforce to global factories and offices, which has instigated a large number of Indian students to go abroad in search of a quality education. On the flipside, we cannot expect an excellent education from any random degrees at abroad. To ensure a happy international college journey, students have to be very careful while planning, because any business can approach the consumers around the world with attractive offerings, which would be only available in the paper.

With a commitment to provide true information to the student community and Indian higher education sector, we have identified some of the best universities around the world where Indian students can pursue their higher education dreams. In this, we present, 'International University of the Year 2017' and on the cover, we feature 'University of Otago,' one of the top ranked universities in New Zealand, which has a rich tradition of research and scholarship from its foundation in 1869.

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