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April - 2017 issue

Sarath Shyam

Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management: On the shores of Excellence

Located within the city limits of Mangaluru, a popular education hub, Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management is a serene campus, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs in...

'Beyond IIMs' B School survey - 2017

HER Team B School Survey - 2017
By HER Team
In India, an institute's national outlook matters, especially in the business education sector. How can a management institute attract the very highest caliber of faculty members and students in...  more >>

HER Team Aurora's Business School : Offering Endless Opportunities
By HER Team
Since most of the companies now look for a need based hiring instead of future based mass recruiting, the country's business schools are witnessing a dip in campus placements.  more >>

HER Team Chitkara Business School: Conquering the New Frontiers of Business Education
By HER Team
With the right mix of research and entrepreneurial activities, Chitkara Business School (CBS) is an epitome of new-age management institutes in the country. The University has nine advance research...  more >>

HER Team David Memorial Business School: Challenging the Conventions of Management Education
By HER Team
Hyderabad based David Memorial Education Society is all set to celebrate its golden jubilee next year. Sprouted from a single-teacher school with 19 students in 1968, the society today has seven...  more >>

HER Team SIES College of Management Studies: For a Generation of Coherent Business Leaders
By HER Team
The world of higher education has entered into a period of drastic changes. Many classrooms have been flipped, MOOCs have become an integral part of the education system and competency based...  more >>

HER Team Sindhi Institute of Management: Better Decision Makers in Uncertain Times
By HER Team
Today's workplace looks nothing as it did one or two decades ago. The modern organizations are far more technology-driven, leading to a different set of challenges for employers to keep their...  more >>

HER Team St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies: Enhancing Knowledge in Sync with Emerging Trends
By HER Team
Ahmadabad is emerging as one of the fastest growing economic powerhouses of the country, leading the way in transforming Gujarat from a state of traders to a magnet of heavy industry and...  more >>

In My View

Dr. J C Wandemberg  and Dr. Agna Fernandez Participative Collaboration for Knowledge Generation
By Dr. J C Wandemberg and Dr. Agna Fernandez
Higher education must move towards a sustained competency-building model. Employability and generative ideas are intimately linked to understanding the manner in which marketable competencies need...  more >>

Director's Insights

Prof.  Anubhuti Dwivedi 'To Be or Not to Be' A Management Graduate
By Prof. Anubhuti Dwivedi
The quintessential MBA degree once believed to be the passport to success is slowly losing its sheen. Today, when you suggest a graduate to go for higher education in management, the first thought...  more >>

Industry Insights

Dr. Ajay Bohora Can Education Help The Youth Cope With The Emerging Scenarios?
By Dr. Ajay Bohora
Alvin Toffler has said, "The illiterate of the 21st. century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn!" The winds of disruptions have started...  more >>

Scholastic Viewpoint

Dr. Aditi Mathur Ideal Management Education
By Dr. Aditi Mathur
Selective subjects enjoy timeless discussion, debate, deliberation as well as continuous evolvement, conceptualization and theoritization. Management Education, by virtue of its ever-evolving...  more >>

Garry Hornby Key Strategies for Ensuring Teaching Excellence in Higher Education
By Garry Hornby
The best way of ensuring that students get the most out of their education is to use teaching strategies with proven effectiveness, that is, evidence-based education practices.  more >>

Last Word

Dr. J. Girish Pedagogy and Effective Teaching
By Dr. J. Girish
Higher education is the key source for achieving the upward mobility of the people and the advancement of the country. The main objective of the Twelfth Five Year Plan is to increase enrolment in...  more >>


Sarath Shyam Making a Nation of Managerial Brilliance
By Sarath Shyam
Recently, one of my friends who was working with a start-up in Bangalore as a software developer, shifted back to a multinational company. He said, "The work culture there was awesome, but I don't...  more >>


June 2018

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