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WeSchool, Mumbai: Equipping Today's Youth to Face the Challenges of Tomorrow

Our country possesses 3,900 business schools that churn out tens of thousands of MBA graduates every year. This should cause an abundance of managerial talent that the industry can pick from; however, the reality is a far darker one. Of the whole number of students passing out of business schools all over the country every year, less than ten percent are employable, according to a recent study by NASSCOM. "I thought getting an MBA degree would guarantee a job for me," says Madhav Kishore, an MBA graduate, who has settled for a job far below his qualification. Despite the extensive theoretical and conceptual knowledge, most business schools fail to teach basic communication skills that are required to clear any interview and secure a job. Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management...


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Victoria D'Sa, Director, Global Education Consultancy Services

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Deepak Deshpande, Senior VP HR, Netmagic

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Dr. Nandkishore Rathi, Founder and Chief Navigating Officer, loratis Institute of Career Management

The Paradox of Skill Gap - How are enterprises bridging it?

Nagraj Shriyan and Pallav Purkayastha, Head of Talent Acquisition and Senior Recruiter, SAP Global Delivery

The Future of Management Education

Dinesh Singh, Director of Student Experience, Sunstone Business School

Be Open to Change

Christo Jacob , Group Managing Editor, Higher Education Review